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1 Post authored by: ldfarah-Oracle

Whenever we drive by a new "for sale" sign in our neighborhood, the first thing I do is hop on to my RedFin app and check out the listing so I can stay current with home prices in my area. Well apparently RedFin noticed my behavior pattern because I just got the email below from them, which I think is kind of genius.

I think it's a wonderful way to structure an easy, unobtrusive "Keep In Touch" campaign that can help ensure your brand delivers appropriate, timely messages in fresh and unexpected ways. Notice how the email does the following:

  1. It explains why I'm getting it, so I don't assume it's spam
  2. It offers me information that is clearly relevant to me, since I've been looking at similar information recently
  3. It provides me with a clear call to action (view the listing, or schedule a tour)
  4. It offers me additional ways to "keep in touch" via social and phone.


What triggers could you use to keep in touch with your customers outside of your regular marketing campaigns?



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