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To help answer this question, we (TCMPi) tested the responses of our contacts to two very similar electronic marketing communications.


We wanted to know:

If Election Day was really not an appropriate date to send marketing communications. The common assumption is that people are distracted and will not open their emails and, most importantly, will not take any actions after reading them.


What we did:

  • We sent two emails with the same tone/structure and similar message/length.
  • The first email was sent at on Tuesday Oct 24th while the second email was sent on Tuesday Nov 6th(Election Day).
  • Both emails were sent at the same time of the day on a Tuesday.
  • We sent these emails to exactly the same segment of people. The segment included 6072 contacts, a fraction of our database.
  • Both emails had a unique external link to a specific page in our website.



On Election Day:

  1. The number of Total Opens increased by 24.26%.
  2. Open Rate was 7.7% higher.
  3. Click Through Rate was 0.93% higher.
  4. There was an increase of 20.17% in Unique Opens.
  5. The Unique Open Rate improved by 3.47%.
  6. Total Click Throughs improved by 12.36%.
  7. Unique Click Throughs improved by 10.29%.
  8. Our number of website visitors increased by 3.02%.



  • - Click to Open Rate was 3.41% lower on Election Day.
  • - Percentage of Global Unsubscribes was virtually the same in both days.



Per our testing, TCMPi will not stop sending marketing communications on election days. Even though the popular believe is that people are distracted during these days, most of our email metrics actually improved and we were able to reach more people via email than in a regular day.


Do you have any experiences sending emails on election days (federal, state or local)? We would really like to hear your insight and comments.


It seems that Election Day wasn’t a bad day to send emails after all!

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