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I recently moved from one Eloqua customer to another and I am in the process of getting everything set up properly.  In the new company, almost all our sales team are working on the phone selling direct in acquisition mode.  We just launched a new sales process using SFDC and now I am in the process of introducing Eloqua sales tools, team by team.  Last week we went live with Discover and Profiler in the US and the feedback from the team has been phenomenal:-


The Chief Commercial Officer sent me a note saying "Listen to it....."


”I am hot on Eloqua now”

“It’s unbelievable”

“It’s a game changer”

“I am sending all my e-mails on Eloqua now”




Then today I had several thank you's from the sales reps.  One read:-


"Hope you're settling back in after your time out of the office.  Just wanted to drop a line to thank you again for helping us switch over to Eloqua for our emails.  I'm sending my cold emails SO much faster in the morning and it's been a huge help for me, personally.


I've also overheard many a conversation wherein reps are checking into the email opens and click throughs.


Thanks again and have a great rest of your week!"



So far we have provided a suite of emails to help them start the conversation with new prospects and we are about to launch another set of emails to help them to progress their opportunities more quickly and with higher conversion.  It's great getting this sort of feedback from the sales team so if you are thinking about using Eloqua sales tools then I hope you find it encouraging or inspiring!



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