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Hi -


I found a lot of examples using the WebEx Cloud Connectors in Program Builder, but would like to accomplish this in the Campaign Canvas.  After talking to Support, they said this was possible, but I'm having trouble conceptualizing it.  Does anyone have a Campaign Canvas they could share that uses the WebEx Cloud Connectors for an event?


I understand:

1) Create Segment

2) Send email with register button.  Goes to Eloqua form.  Contact completes form and is added to shared list. 


I don't understand:

  • Now, I'd like to pass that contact to Webex so that that Webex sends out the confirmation/reminders, etc.   Do I just link the Shared List? Component = Yes to the Cloud Connector Webex Register Component?


Also, post event, how to pull back all the Registrants to Eloqua (using Campaign Canvas, not a Program).



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