• Email Marketing Specialist, Global Marketing Operations - AUSTIN, TX

    Austin, TX, United States   Overview: HomeAway is seeking a talented marketing professional to assist the coordination and execution of email campaigns from idea generation through delivery.  An ideal can...
    Kara Murrell
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  • Cannot Access BI Client Tools

    I have Oracle BI Client Tools ( installed locally (Win7 - 64bit). I am able to access all of the web interfaces (OBIEE, EM, Weblogic) using the weblogic user/password. When I attempt to log in to the Admin ...
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  • oracle.forms.webutil.ole.OleFunctions bean not found

    hi, i am using 11g. I have configured webutil according to the following steps. this works perfectly when i want to upload images. But if i want to read an excel file to oracle form error oracle.forms.webutil.ole.O...
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  • Rob Lockard

    82 votes
    About Rob:   Rob is an Oracle Database administrator, designer, developer, and project manager. For the past twenty years, Rob has specialized in Financial Intelligence, including tracking of money laundering, t...
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  • How to execute Oracle 12c procedures from SSRS( VS 2013 & SQL server 2012 )

    Hi All , I am trying to generate a report using  SSRS ( SQL server 2012 & Visual studio 2013).  when I try to execute stored procedures I am getting below error. any help on this would be appreciated. Q...
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  • How to prevent parent window from resizing?

    I have created a oracle forms application in forms 6i, in the application menu i can open multiple form using open_form function but the problem is the main page get resize every time when a new form opened from the m...
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  • Why do I own this blocking/blocked session

    Oracle SE One 64-bit Oracle Linux 5   We have a job that runs every 5 minutes to detect blocking/blocked sessions.  When one is detected an email with the particulars is sent.  Driving query ...
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  • OPatch failed with error code 73 after upgraded database from to

    Get following error when try to apply patch:   OPatch failed with error code 73   OPatch failed: PatchObject constructor: Input file "<ORACLE_HOME>/20803583/etc/config/actions" or "<ORACLE_HOME...
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  • Run a program on a specific date for every month?

    Hi,   Is there any way to run a program on a specific date for every month?   Regards,   Alok
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  • Passing Parameters - Navigate to Web Page Action Link

    Hi all,   I have created a webpage using html and php. I am using action links >> navigate to webpage option. When I pass the parameters to my webpage I do not know how to receive the parameters on my webp...
  • how to clear calling form entered details..

    hi.. i have two forms : FORM A and FORM B.. i place a button(NEXT) on  FORM A,when i click on that button FORM B should open. and FORM B also had button(SAVE).after enter some details on FORM B when i click on...
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  • Cannot access BI client tools

    I have Oracle BI Client tools installed locally (Win7-64bit). I am able to access all of the web interfaces (OBIEE, EM, Weblogic Console) using the weblogic user/password. When I attempt to log in to the Admin Tool ...
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  • Oracle NoSQL Database Product Updates on October 13 at Oracle Conference Center (Redwood Shores)

    When: 5 - 7pm, Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015   Where: Oracle Conference Center at Redwood Shores   Topic Imagine processing over 3 billion events per hour with an average latency of 5 milliseconds. With increa...
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  • como depurar el tablespace temp sino tengo mas espacio?

    hola necesito saber como puedo depurar el tablespace temp ya no tengo mas espacio para crear un nuevo dbf
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  • Using page items in after submit page processsing process

    Hi All,   I have a DML form in which the user can update one column. After clicking on the Apply Changes button I need to send out an email saying the record has been updated with certain page items in the emai...
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  • How can i configure IBM Websphere "Default Messaging Provider" Queue in Weblogic 12c

    Hi All   I need to configure a queue available in Webspehere as " Default Messaging Provider" in my weblogic 12c.   I have gone through several discussions and blogs and all of them refer to IBM W...
    Abhinav Mittal
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  • Is it possible to estimate CPU and RAM size of Oracle database .

    Current DB size and Configuration :   Windows 2008  ,  Oracle Intel Xeon(R) CPU E5530@2.4GHZ 2.39Ghz (2 processor) RAM 32 GB. Multiple HDD (Total 7 disk ,data Tablespaces spread across ...
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  • Emrah Mete

    398 votes
    About Emrah:   Emrah demonstrates an outstanding commitment to building the expertise of the Turkish Oracle community. He is one of the core founding members of TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) and plays an act...
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  • Char Item Passed as Number

    I have a requirement to search for a value in a detail block. The item name in the detail block is :case_followup.mjcaseno. This same field is found in the master block as :cases.mjcaseno. The detail item stores the ...
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  • How to use foreach in declarative component

    Hi All,   I am using Jdev   I have a declarative component with attribute - empDetails - java.util.List <af:forEach items="#{attrs.empDetails}"         ...
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