• parsing json

    Hi, Can someone help to parse the following for field values like eligibilityId, id, firstName {"com.abc.eligibility.ssap.planhousehold.domain.Ssapplanhousehold":{"eligibilityId":105708,"planYear":2014,"members":[{"...
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  • Getting error while trying to export sites.

    Hi All,   I am trying to use CSDT utility to export my site but I am getting null pointer from some of the pages in site plans. Here are the logs:-   [2015-07-02 09:12:41,370 UTC] [INFO ] [http-apr-8001-ex...
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  • Role getting disappeared in OIM

    Hi,   I created a Role in OIM with a Rule stating Identity status = 'Active' and then clicked on Apply and Evaluate.   Members got added and everything looked fine. But after sometime Role got disappeared...
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  • Testing Oracle RAC on VM

    Hi all   So i have this question it goes like this i already install oracle rac on VM i have 2 node i called it node1 and node2 is there anyway i can test that the oracle rac is actually works?The failover,th...
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  • How to get the data api of analytics?

    Hi,I want to use answer to generate data for my customize js and create a new report that not built in obiee. Is there an data api of answer to invoke?How to get it?
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  • Text Field Item First 3 strings to be default and not editable others to be free text

    Hi all,         I have a text filed in that first 3 strings to be default and not editable other strings to be free text. Kindly Provide a work around to handle in my scenario. EX: ce...
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  • Access token is regenerated successfully eventhough client secrete and redirect url is invalid

    For regenerating access token, Client Secrete and Redirect URL is not a required field.   While connecting with Eloqua Rest, we have provided valid Refresh Token, Client ID and invalid client Secrete and redirec...
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  • Is it possible to export the rpd as a single xml file?

    Hi,   I tried to export the rpd in to xml file it seems like I am getting mutiple folders and multiple xml file, is there a option in OBI to get consolidated xml file?   Please help me on this query.  ...
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  • retrieve sum and last in one query

    I have a table like bellow contain date, turnover_day (account turnover during the day), balance_dayend (account balance at the end of the day) date turnOver_day balance_dayend 2015-05-01 50 100 2015-05-02 5 1...
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  • Error handling in page processing

    Hi,     I have two text field 1. : P1_User_id and 2. : p1_User_Name.   I have wrote a small anonymous block page processing to delete the user from database if the user id exists else it should displ...
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  • Impl class Error

    code: protected void create(AttributeList attributeList) {      String s= sup();    setSupRecNo(s);     super.create(attributeList);  }     publi...
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  • How to choose which financial period I will store?

    If I work as Admin Sueruser, I can shoose, which financial period I want to store. If I work as project manager (I have checked check-boxes "Add/Edit/Delete Financial Period Dates", "Store Period Performance option", ...
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  • Picture not display in picture gallery

    Dear Friend,   Apex ver 4.2.6   I want to create a picture gallery in my application so I have create a page and try some code to display images in gallery  but, Image not display in my gallery. &nbs...
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  • Oracle suggested RMAN Backup

    Hi Guru's     I have a confusion related to Oracle Suggested RMAN Backup taken using OEM. I go through the Oracle Doc but still in confusion. My Question here is if i schedule Oracle Suggested RMAN backup t...
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  • How to install Enterprise Scheduler

    I want to use enterprise scheduler for scheduling  jobs in a J2EE application. Application is developed using Netbeans and deployed to a weblogic server. Since there is no separate installer for ESS, What would b...
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  • Cause of - heavy swapping observed on system in last 5 mins

    Dear Members,   I have observed following warnings in my database alert logs. Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to resolve same.   The current memory on the server is 8GB and the page siz...
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  • Hi All, Created tree binding in jsff page to display multiple rows. but only one row is getting displayed at front end. please let me know what might be the reason.

    Hi All,   Created tree binding in jsff page to display multiple rows. but only one row is getting displayed at front end. please let me know what might be the reason.
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  • dynamic action if checkbox is checked

    Hi, I've created a report with a checkbox for each row select apex_item.checkbox(1,sid,'UNCHECKED') " ",        username,        sid,   &nbs...
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  • how to describe a table structure, which is in system tablespace?

    Hai friends,   i have a student table, and i found that table exists in system tablespace as well as my tablespace, now i want to know how to describe the structure of the table, and its values, which is in syst...
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  • OWSM Policies

    Hi,   Will an OSB service configured with an OWSM policy function during runtime when the corresponding database hosting the policy is down/unavailable?
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