• How to enter data into database using java ?

    Hi, How to enter data into database using java in JDeveloper using button beans
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  • generate XML data file

    Hi All, i have a requirement to generate the data file in XML, where i can able to generate the xml file by using single SQL query. issue : since i am using single sql query the header tags are getting repeated for ...
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  • How to attach image in BPM CustomJSP and view it

    Hello everyone im new here ,   Is there any tutorial how to attach file into BPM Object ?   Im using Oracle BPM Studio 10.3.1   I have seen many tutorial how to attach file into BPM using fileChooser...
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  • Including help text with interactive report cells

    In the interactive report, When i click on a cell  the content of the cell should be displayed in a  'pop up' just like the help text pop up of page items. Is it possible?   Apex version: 4.2
    Virat Praveen-Oracle
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  • How to protect the generated trace files from Standard Auditing?

    Hi,   We are about to investigate database auditing using the Standard OS Audit Trail. To separate duties, we wih to have the audit files stored on the server (Linux). But the Oracle software is owned by the o...
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  • Migration from Solaris to Linux

    Hi Gurus,   I'm not a DBA, so please forgive me for my nuisance questions.   We are migrating from Solaris 64 bit to Linux in our R12.1.3 environment.   Please make me understand what are the steps n...
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  • RMAN taking too long to complete

    Hi all,        our RMAN backup is running too long from last few days. And i see no processes are running at backups scheduled timings. can any please suggest the steps and recommondatio...
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  • How to create trigger in database

    Hi, how to create trigger in database. I have two table in database 1. Purchase 2. Stock when any data add into Purchase table ,,,, it automatically add same data into Stock table
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  • Form personalization

    Hi All,   I want to enable Requester field in PO distribution form. I have used below setting. still I can save the data without values in requester field.     Trigger Event: WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE &...
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  • Why default Coherence Cluster created with new domain?

    Looking for information about the necessity of the default Coherence Cluster that is created when making a new WebLogic 12c domain for ADF web applications.  I recently created 2 new domains on the same host mach...
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  • how to setup rac scan on OEL6 on virtualbox

    I am trying to setup RAC on a 2 node cluster. i am trying to setup rac scan.   i have 2 ip address - public  node 1 - public  node 2 - private node ...
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  • BI Publisher report call fails with Error occurred while painting error page: ORA-01403: no data found

    Hi   I have an application that calls BI Publisher to format a report with an RTF BI Publisher template.   I have two environments a DEV and a PROD. DEV runs APEX version 4.1.1 and has BI Publisher 11.1.1...
    Mike Mac
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  • dbcontrol fails everytime on DB creation RAC

    Hi All,      I've tried creating 2 different databases along with dbcontrol, but both of them failed to configure dbcontrol. During the configuration, screen pops up with error "ORA-01012 not logge...
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  • Extract value from xml type column in oracle database 11gR2

    I have a XMLtype column containing table like `XML_TABLE (ID NUMBER, XML_DATA XMlTYPE)`. Then i insert a value like   INSERT INTO xml_table (1, XMLtype('<current>       <city i...
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  • Print PDF file page needs to be in Landscape in Autovue 20.2.3

    We are using Autovue 20.2.3 to generate pdf file from the Autocad source drawing. Now the issue is PDF file is printing with Auto-Portait orientation. We changed the printer preference of Autovue Document Converter ...
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  • DRM to

    Hi, Currently we are in DRM and planning to upgrade to to make compatible with Internet explorer 10.     To upgrade this we need to follow below steps   1) Stop the DRM serv...
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  • OIM 11gR2: Roles re-engineering in OIM

    Hi Experts,   We are currenly operating on 11gR2 and we are facing an issue. If an account is directly provided to any user, then is there a way or a job to link to its access policy such a way that it assigns ...
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  • duplicate with prev and next record

    I want to find the id only disease in duplicate state (i.e.103, 105)  from the below sample where previous disease date > next disease date. Can we write one message along with the record showing id from pr...
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  • Remove Essbase server from Excel Add in??

    I am trying to remove a few essbase server entries from excel addin. I read a few post about people being able to delete thos entries from registry.  However, I dont see those "hyperion solution\essbase\login" op...
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  • Best way to delete 6 million records

    Hi, We have copied the data from one of our fact table to archival table. Now we have to delete the copied data from fact table by joining with Archival table based on the primary key.   I used a single delete ...
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