• Using APEX for database administration

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    Do you know Application Express (APEX) is free tool that comes pre-configured from Oracle 11g onwards. It is very easy to use tool to create database based applications. There are lots of use cases for using APEX by D...
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  • GROUP BY 1,2;

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    I can write a SQL like the following:   SELECT col1,col2,col3 FROM my_table ORDER BY 1,2;   We all know "1,2" is shorthand for the first and second columns in my SELECT clause.   My idea is to do so...
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  • Deal with smart logic: Implement the reopt(ALWAYS) Hint like DB2

    10 votes
    We currently come across more and more statements like this one (source The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the EXPLAIN PLAN Part 36: The sisters of the mother of all SQL antipatterns - Oracle - Oracle …). The aut...
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  • We upgraded to WL 12 and encountered the following error while server startup

    e log events will be written to this file.> << UAMS >> v7.6-b2, debug build << UAMS >> Starting UAMS System... UAMS DEBUG: CodeResource XML file is parsed. UAMS DEBUG: CodeResource HashM...
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  • how to setup rac scan on OEL6 on virtualbox

    I am trying to setup RAC on a 2 node cluster. i am trying to setup rac scan.   i have 2 ip address - public  node 1 - public  node 2 - private node ...
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  • Open EMV CA certificate.

    I am working on EMV technology and trying to decrypt ISSUER PUBLIC KEY CERTIFICATE. As per my understanding about CA Certificate, certificate contain Issuer Public key inside it. CA authority keep data along with publ...
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    Dear All,   I have tried the command OMBALTER MAPPING 'MAP_STG_HHF54B_TIN' SET PROPERTIES(DEFAULT_OPERATING_MODE) VALUES ('SET_BASED')   BUT this doesn't work in 11gr2 and very well work in 10g release. ...
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  • How Can I export index partition (DDL)?

    How Can I export index partition (DDL)?   For example: PARTITION BY RANGE (ID) INTERVAL (1)  ( PARTITION "XXXXX"  VALUES LESS THAN (1)    SEGMENT CREATION IMMEDIATE   ...
  • 4.1EA Search forward not working?

    Search(/replace) seems not to work if no text is selected. It is a bit unstable - sometimes works, sometimes not. Haven't found the pattern.     See screenshots attached.   Search for l, cursor positi...
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  • Payables | Financial option>Accounting> Freezed Future period value needs to change

    Dear All,   I need one suggestion for Future period value under accounting tab in Financials options for Payables. I understand, this value is given at the time of configuration and is not editable. But, by any...
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  • Not getting email sent from APEX_MAIL.send in some domains

    Hi,   I am trying to send mail using apex_mail.send. I getting the mail successfully in my gmail account, but in my office email id and some domain I am not receiving the mail. In the APEX_MAIL_LOG table there ...
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  • How to change the font size for Printing?

    Hi,   I have a page that contains Analyses for different fact tables. The page has two prompts -- Day and Country. Users can select a Day and a Country at a time.   The analyses display information like sa...
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  • issue starting WLS_REPORTS and WLS_FORMS

    hi i have issue in my weblogic when a trying to start two managed server is taking long about 45 mins to open a  server tab in console after a while it display this error in redbut the tab is open   A serv...
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  • Startup   Sequence in apps

    Hi,   I am new bee to Oracle Apps. I have Oracle R12  setup on Vmware ( Linux ). I want to learn Oracle Apps DBA. Please anyone share start up sequence in oracle apps .   Thanks  & Regards,
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  • Performance comparison between Linux and Windows

    Hi.   My client is running a single-instance 10g DB, with a standby database on another server. both running on Linux. Due to lack of system knowledge on Linux among the company's IT staff, they wish to migrate...
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  • inserted duplicates records and not inserted values

    Hi all, create table XXC_ORDERS(inventory_item_id number,customer_id number,budget_entity varchar2(10),EXCHANGE_RATE number,CURRENCY_CODE varchar2(10));   create table XXC_SALES1 (inventory_item_id number,custo...
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  • Global Variables in password field in Dataserver connection in ODI 12c

    While using the Global variables in password field in dataserver connection in ODI12c, I am facing "invalid ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied". If I hardcode the password the connection works fine. I...
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  • Suggestion how to handle previous Top Participants

    Since Top Participants of individual forum spaces are gone and Leader Boards can only start counting since the beginning of this month when advanced gaming was introduced, I was wondering about the following:   ...
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  • After Deploy of Rules, All Tables are Droped

    After deploy the rules in Calc Manager, all the tables in my database were droped, any idea solution? I did the restore of all tables, but again to do the deploy, the same problem happened. Version: DB: 1...
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  • How to display last 12 months of data in OBIEE 11g dashboards?

    I need to create a report to show a metric for last 12 months... how do I do that exactly?   I know I have to use the TimeStampAdd() function but it is not working somehow for me... please list out details step-...
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