• Solaris 11.2 install from live media no GUI installer.

    Hello   I am trying to install Solaris on a second blank hard drive along with a windows 7 hard drive. (dual boot) When I boot my DVD live media image I get an Oracle window to select several install options. ...
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  • #{bindings.AnswersView5.children[var.index].ImageId}

    #{bindings.AnswersView5.children[var.index].ImageId} ImageId is an unkown property
    Mohamed Essam
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  • BI for desktop with office 2013 is not working

    I have Office 2013 32 bit in in my system.   I installed BI for desktop but not able to see anything in addins   Pls help
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  • How to resume upgrade from the point it has failed in 12c

    Hello expert,                   I faced a situation where vpn link got terminated and upgarde failed in midway.I was succesfully ab...
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  • IP not getting persistent

    Hi There,   Which files need to be updated to make the IP persistent across reboots?   I have added the entry in /etc/hostname.bge0 and /etc/hosts but still the server is coming up with a different IP. &nb...
    Rajashekhar Gaddam
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  • issues with glassfish

    Hi, I am on jdev I've my application deployed on glassfish server 3.1.2.   The application working fine but after sometime it starts behaving abnormally. ie. some links won't work.   As a fix...
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  • JSF page remains loading and unresponsive

    Hi,   I have a problem after adding one record to one collection. I think the problem is with file upload or with the UploadedFile control. When I create a record without appending a file everything works fine b...
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  • Database Upgrade Scenarios for Zero Downtime

    Hello We are in the process of upgrading the databases in our environment to 12c. ( to We are looking at various options to minimize the downtime during the upgrade process. We went ahead and imple...
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  • Debug settings not working

    I'm having trouble configuring ORDS 3.0 with Glassfish 4.1 and Apex 4.2.4. When I try to run the default Apex page (http://localhost:8080/ords/) I'm simply getting a 404 page, with no other helpful information. The li...
    Earl Lewis
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  • Record not saving when I use Copy Value from Item (And not updating any other field in DB block)

    I have a CONTROL Block and I have a database block in my form. I am entering a String in my CONTROL block and I have a Copy from CONTROL.description to the BLOCK.description in the Property for the BLOCK.description f...
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  • jQuery Mobile Smartphone Application Tabs

    Hi Everyone,   I am trying to add tabs to my jQuery Mobile Smartphone application but they refuse to appear in the application. I am not sure why this is. Each tab target page had (0) next to it implying the tab...
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  • Collection List of Values (LOV) issue in OAF

    Hello I created Collection List of Values (LOV) and assigned it via transaction to a framework I want to open LOV by clicking to search glass image But I am getting the error message You must enter a value f...
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  • event alert doesn't work

    hi all, I make an event alert then i make insert into the table it doesn't work, while when i changed it to periodic it works fine. any body can help
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  • More than 1 SQL Query report with checkbox and invalid number error

    Hi all,   I have two SQL Query reports that each have an apex_item.checkbox and two process for each report.  One report/process works fine.  The other one is giving me an error of invalid number. &nbs...
    Sylvia Pagan
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  • Unistalling Oracle Diganostic Pack  & Tuning Pack

    Hello Hope you are doing fine   Wondering if there is an official procedure from Oracle in order to remove the Oracle Diagnostic Pack  & Tuning Packs in Oracle 10, I found some "workarounds" but in my ...
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  • Bpel Process Instance Id

    Lately I have seen an inconsistency in the instance id of the request in the em console :   the instance id that the request has is : 583493, when i search with this id I find my request, but when I open the p...
  • Unable to access to BPEL console after refreshing database

    Hi group,   We have BPEL repository or schemas in a EBS instance (TEST) which was refreshed from production environment (PROD EBS).   Now when we try to get into the BPEL console on this TEST instance, we ...
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  • Problemas con Listener Oracle 12c y Windows 2012

    Tengo instalado Oracle 12c Standard Edition One desde hace un mes aproximadamente (migramos de Oracle Express 11), el listener se cae una vez por día, para recuperar la conexión debo reiniciar la base y ...
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  • Oracle Form issue

    I have created a form in Oracle forms 10g.   The form got created successfully and it generated .FMX file without any issue.   Now i would like to use this form in one of the applications.   When I t...
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  • Important functions

    Hi All,   I am new to Hyperion Essbase,trying to learn Calc Scripts. Can someone please help me with list of important or frequently used functions that I need to focus upon because I think its not possible to ...
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