• CSS in oaf

    Hi, I need to use Custom css in Table region . But it was not working in my page.   i have inserted the below Style in my custom.xcss file            <style na...
    Rajarajan Ramji
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  • Self-reference formulas in BI answers

    Hi there, I need an advice please. I have an analysis that looks smth like that:   ID |    Item of incom   |   Turnover ---------------------------------------- 1  ...
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  • Process to two different tables in one page

    Hi all,   I have form A with one submit button, when I click the button I want to send the data to two different table. For example:   REQ_ID: 221 BOX_NUMBER : 2 ITEM_NAME: APPLE COUNTRY_ORIGIN: USA &nb...
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  • Then specified mail server hostname is different from the certificate CN

    My BIEE installation is and configured SMTP server in EM. I set root CA certificate file for SSL. It prompts error message "Then specified mail server hostname is different from the certificate CN", when ru...
    Cheney Shue
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  • ORA-13019: coordinates out of bounds

    I am facing below error.Can someone let me know the root cause. ORA-29855: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXCREATE routine ORA-13249: internal error in Spatial index: [mdidxrbd] ORA-13249: Error in Spatial ...
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  • Report script to export all alias names

    We have a requirement to extract the Alias names (default and custom alias) of the members from the outline , so i am trying to export them using the following code but i am able to get only one set of Alias names eit...
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  • Oracle Technology Network Developer Day VM

    I downloaded a VM from here: Developer Day - Hands-on Database Application Development   It boots up fine. I want to connect to the database as sys in order to look around and see if the database could be used f...
    Niels Jespersen
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  • who sends the soap message? ORDS or APEX?

    Hi every one!   We have a RESTFul Application on APEX it send some soap request to server and receive soap responce from server. The question is who sends soap request\ who receive and parce soap responce, ORDS ...
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  • OPP services issue in R12

    Hi,   We are using R12.1.3 oracle ebs applications in linux environment.   In that, we are facing like concurrent request completed with warning, in log file showing as "Unable to find an Output Post Proce...
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  • oracle forms 11g creating asinstance failed

    i am installing oracle forms 11g on red hat linux but it failed when doing configuring and give this error   oracle forms 11g creating asinstance failed   plz help   thanks
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  • Install agent (Solaris) on Cloud Control 12c

    Hi All,   I have Installed Cloud Control 12c that controls many databases with Linux, now I want to add a Solaris Machine DB to the Cloud Control, My Solaris machine : SunOS  5.11 11.1 i86pc i386 i86pc &nb...
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  • After changing port (1521 to 1525 in listener.ora & tnsnames.ora), OEM: the database is down

    Hi, I'm installing Oracle Database 11gR2 ( on Oracle Linux 7.1. To be short, what i'm trying to do now is changing the default port from 1521 to 1525. So i stopped the listener (lsnrctl stop), then changed...
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  • ORA-12523 TNS: Listener could not find instance appropriate for the client connection

    Hi All,   while connecting as sys@sid as sysdba I am getting the below error.   ORA-12523 TNS: Listener could not find instance appropriate for the client connection   When I checked further the inst...
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  • Access Level display in APEX 4.2

    Hi All,     In our application we are having two Authorization Scheme groups such "Admin" & "Self Creator".   We had added corresponding users under those particular groups.   Now we have a ...
    Sruthi Tamiri
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  • In OAM, is there a way to protect /oam/server/auth_cred_submit

    Experts,   Our requirement is:   Will it be possible to protect this URL within OAM? https://<<mycomanyvipURL>>/oam/server/auth_cred_submit ( If you access it, you get OAM OOTB error page) &nb...
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  • Oracle Database Gateway (dg4db2) Fails with Ora-28545 and 65535

    Hi Experts,   OS:Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Db: I am encountering the error Ora-28545 while trying to query across the db link, the Oracle database gateway is installed on existing Oracle H...
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  • Spell Check Editor

    Hello,   Is there way to add a Spell check Editor in Forms 11g? One of the field in our form needs to be spell checked because we use this field extensively to type out long narratives which represent the Scop...
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  • Cutover Phase Failed

    Hello,   I just did a recent install. I'm trying to apply the latest AD patch and I had to use the adop phases. Everything worked fine until I got to the cutover phase and it failed. It says that it is missing t...
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  • HFM Upgrade doesnt work from previous version for fresh install

    Hi   We are doing a fresh installation  of and migrating a HFM app to . But not finding a any suitable method to perform the same ..   There is no app copy in and ...
    Santhosh Lalan
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  • AACG Upgrade from to

    Hi,   We are in the process of upgrade GRC i.e AACG from to higher version of So need help from how to perform the upgrade   We are currently on weblogic and as per the GRC ...
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