• Re-writing the below query for better performance and optimized cost.

    Oracle 10g.   ----------------------   Query   UPDATE FACETS_CUSTOM.MMR_DTL SET CAPITN_PRCS_IND = 2, FIL_RUN_DT = Current_fil_run_dt, ROW_UPDT_DT = dta_cltn_end_dttm WHERE CAPITN_PRCS_IND = 5 ...
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  • PDF and RTF Printing with BI Publisher

    Team,   I am currently trying to configure BI publisher as the tool used in PLM4P for printing. Looking around in the PrintSettings.config file I realized that there are two print managers as an example to first...
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  • Using ROracle dbWriteTable to write dates back to Oracle DB

    In Oracle DB:   DESCRIBE ORACLE_DB_TABLE;    Column Name Data Type TRANSACTION_TIME DATE TRANSACTION_ID VARCHAR2 (20 Byte) TRANSACTION_AMT NUMBER (38,10)   In R: > r_data_table   &nb...
  • Connect to Presentation layer of the RPD

    Hello All, Please let me know if there is any way/method to connect to presentation layer of the RPD so that i can all the Subject Area's from an external application.what are the steps to integrate an external appli...
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  • OR Condition displaying incorrect results

    Hello,   I have a  very simple SQL   SELECT COMPANY, EMPLOYEE, DEPT, REASON_01, REASON_02 FROM TABLE WHERE (TRIM(REASON_01) <>'D90' OR  TRIM(REASON_02) <> 'D90')   If either of the...
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  • HFM Rule If condition for Custom dimension

    Hi Experts,   I have the following requirement: if department member is d6XXXX or a descendent of d6XXXX, then R and D Labor and Benefits Equals Labor and Benefits   Department is my custom dimension. I ...
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  • Dbms_scheduler job's "status" column shows "completed" even when end date is null.

    As per the oracle docs the 'status' column of 'user_scheduler_jobs' table has a possible value : 'COMPLETED'. This value means : The job has completed, and is not scheduled to run again ... which is possible if the j...
  • FMLA Remaining Today values

    We are on PeopleSoft 9.1. In the FMLA Track Leave module, we are using Roll-backward calendar type. If a person has take FMLA in the prior year, the calculation correctly shows the "As of Request" weeks and hours. How...
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  • We're now well into 2015!   What features would you want to see added in Eloqua 10 this year?

    Calling the Topliners community!   Please add your "wish list" features to this thread below.  To get this started, here are my Top 5 feature requests.  Some of these were lost in the cutover from ...
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  • Consecutive counter

    I am currently trying to build a counter field that will increment for groups of consecutive rows. SELECT EMPLOYEE_ID,        DTE,        HOURS,  &nb...
  • How long system process scheduler logs kept?

    How would I find out how long does our system process scheduler logs are being kept?  I am referring the logs in the $ps_home\appserv\prcs\DOMAIN\LOGS, because we have a process that were run successfully on 4/21...
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    Dear Gurus,   We are facing following error.   Please see attached file.   Thanks Adeel Imtiaz
    Malik Adeel Imtiaz
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  • Is Eloqua send times accommodating for daylights savings in Europe?

    Does anybody know if Eloqua is accommodating for DST in Europe? I know that they had the adjusted the NA send times for campaign activation, but I haven't seen any similar notes for the rest of the world time zones. ...
    Brian Boyd
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  • oracle identify and generate script to drop old partitions

    Hello DBAs and Gurus,   DB: 11gR2 OS: Linux   I am new to Oracle partition world with limited experience in partition management. I am trying to drop some old partitions from users schema and not sure fr...
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  • get ora-28021 during impdp, but user has role in source db

    Hello, RHEL, 6 x86-64, Oracle   I did a full database export (expdp) from source db and upon running import (impdp), I get this:   ORA-39083: Object type ROLE_GRANT failed to create with error: O...
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  • API for Packing or assigning the LPN to a delivery in a WMS enabled Org

    Hi Folks,   Need urgent help regarding the following scenario,   An LPN was created for and Org which is WMS Enabled using the following API wms_container_pub.create_lpn, the LPN got created successfully ...
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  • "CEIL"-function for dates

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    A minor nuisance is to determine the closing border of an arbitrary interval covering a date-time-value. It would be nice to have CEIL(SYSDATE, 'MM'), CEIL(SYSDATE, 'YYYY'), etc. analogous to TRUNC(SYSDATE, 'MM'), TR...
    Carsten Kaftan
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  • Mandatory multi-select pick lists for forms

    so... anyone know how to make a multi-select list mandatory? we have forms from E9 that have it, and we are struggling to make that happen in E10 !
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  • select distinct with subquery

    I have the following select distinct (texe_cnasupro)account_num, (texe_cnfuncid)v_service, (texe_cnsubser)v_subservice, (texe_cnnetnam)bank_num, 'N'previousday_cust, 'N'sameday_cust, 'N'achsameday_cust from kndtex...
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  • Next_Value

    Hi,   I am trying to achieve following results. I have only LOAN_DATE available and trying to calculate PAY_DATE. PAY_DATE is the same date of next LOAN_DATE. If there is only one row for same B_ID or it is the ...
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