Implementation Guide for Highly Available SAP on Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 - Based on the Oracle Optimized Solution for SAP White Paper

Version 2

    This document contains best practice examples for the installation and configuration of Highly Available SAP on the Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 engineered system. Created and validated during the development of the Oracle Optimized Solution for SAP, these step-by-step instructions show how to prepare and configure the infrastructure, including Solaris zone clusters, Oracle RAC Framework, and creating users and resource groups for SAP.

    The examples provided in this document follow and complement the official product documentation and best practices published by SAP and Oracle and do not replace these documents. The References section lists links to recommended additional documentation, whitepapers and best practices related to installing and configuring SAP on a similar infrastructure or its subcomponents.

    Updated June 2016

    Authors: Pierre Reynes, Gia-Khanh Nguyen, Hans-Juergen Denecke, Xirui Yang, Jairo Cardozo, Victor Galis.