Bringing Self Service Data Preparation to the Cloud with Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Services

Version 4

    By Luis Rivas, Oracle Product Management Team

    The key to business value lies in quickly unlocking insights from complex business data. Business analysts hold the key to interpreting and enriching these data. However they have always had to depend on their IT counterparts to prepare, enrich and publish data. Big Data Preparation Cloud Service (BDPCS) aims to bring self-service data preparation to the business analyst.

    This session highlights Big Data Preparation Cloud Service, a highly visual, intuitive data preparation cloud service built for the business analyst. It guides the users to create data sets from heterogeneous data sources, enrich the data through Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing driven recommendations, and publish the enriched data sets for further downstream applications and analytics. BDPCS is also fully integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS).



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