Developing Custom Payments with Commerce Cloud

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    Oracle Commerce Cloud was envisioned as a service that would simultaneously leverage the 20 years of market leading capabilities of the Oracle Commerce Platform and re-imagine its architecture and design with Cloud patterns and modern developers in mind. As this product has evolved over the past year (remember it's only been in the market for just over 12 months!) we are focused on proving out the value of our API first approach, REST patterns and reliance on event driven API interaction with shopper payments in the vanguard.


    Our most recent release expands our service's extension model and event driven APIs, or webhooks, to enable developers to create complete commerce solutions using Oracle Commerce Cloud and any number of shopper payment providers, including providers with unique integration models that were not previously possible.


    Cooperative Applications with Commerce Cloud


    The need for better communication and sharing of data between specialized applications is growing each year. Payments are a great example of that specialization and, even more so, the need to share data appropriately. A great many eCommerce checkout scenarios are characterized by the commerce server not being provided with or not needing information on the actual real payment method. Take web checkout or "checkout and pay" scenarios as an example. Payment could be provided from your shopper's credit card, Paypal balance, or bank account, or gift card. As far as Commerce Cloud is concerned the payment details are not important as long as they are handled correctly.


    Handling correctly to us means behaving as a cooperative application. We provide the extension options to make it easy to configure the types of payments and their specialized instructions and we also support an event driven model via our webhooks that engender seamless sharing of data models between Commerce Cloud and the payment provider.


    There are a great number of payment choices available today, and those options continue to grow. We believe that our approach to Commerce Cloud as a cooperative application supports the richness of the Commerce Cloud Service and the ultimate solution provided by our customers to their shoppers. See 2015: The Year of the Cooperative App


    Payment Development Options


    Beginning in version 16.4, which has just been released, Oracle Commerce Cloud Service (OCCS) introduces new generic features to its Payment Gateway Extension capability. What that means is that OCCS has expanded on its ability to extend the payment processing logic begun in version 16.1 and now has expanded the capabilities available for developers to create solutions with additional payment providers.


    Two article are available that help explain how to develop solutions using these extensions in the OPN Cloud Connection Commerce Cloud group ( OPN membership required):


    The general pattern for all supported payment options is the same. To create a custom integration with the payment gateway, first create an extension for accessing the gateway, and configure the appropriate function webhook. When a shopper places an order, the webhook calls a specified payment service URL and sends the payment-related data in a JSON request.


    When payment transaction data is sent to a payment provider by the Commerce Cloud webhook, the provider processes the payment information and returns information about the transaction. The webhook sends out a predefined set of properties in the request, and expects to receive another predefined set of properties back in the response. For some providers, however, you may need to send additional data in the request, and the provider may include additional data in the response. Commerce Cloud payment gateways support this need for custom properties by enabling you to send and receive additional data that is not included in the predefined properties.


    There are a number of payment options that are supported through the Payment Gateway Extension model. They are:


    Don't forget, all Oracle Partners are welcome to the OPN Cloud Connection Oracle Commerce Cloud Group where you can find the full articles including source code for this topic as well as many other Commerce Cloud topics.


    About the Author


    Shea Nolan is a member of the Oracle Commerce Product Management team focused on the technical enablement of our Cloud Commerce development community. Joining Oracle through the Endeca acquisition, Shea has over 15 years experience as a consultant, developer, and product manager of complex software products with a focus in ecommerce solutions. Shea holds a BA from Northern Illinois University.