2016 JavaOne Session Replay

Version 5

    Learn about the latest developments in Java technologies with the JavaOne 2016 sessions! Watch the recorded sessions listed below now:


    Top 10 Sessions:

    Learn Java 8: Lambdas and Functional Programming by Henri Tremblay

    A Few Hidden Treasures in Java 8 by Venkat Subramaniam

    Rapid Development Tools for Java EE 8 by Gaurav Gupta and Geertjan Wielenga

    Refactoring to Functional Style with Java 8 by Venkat Subramaniam

    JDK 9 Language, Tooling, and Library Features by Joe Darcy

    Docker For Java Developers by Arun Gupta

    Java EE: The Most Lightweight Enterprise Framework? by Sebastian Daschner

    Java Libraries You Can’t Afford to Miss by Ixchel Ruiz, and Andres Almiray

    Collections Refueled by Stuart Marks

    Core Software Design Principles by Venkat Subramaniam


    All the JavaOne Tracks:

    Prepare for JDK 9 by Alex Buckley

    Introduction to Modular Development by Alan Bateman

    Using Oracle Java Flight Recorder in an Autonomous Robotic Vehicle by Marcus Hirt

    Advanced Modular Development by Mandy Chung and Alan Bateman

    Journey’s End: Collection and Reduction in the Stream API by Maurice Naftalin

    Modules and Services by Alex Buckley

    Project Jigsaw: Under The Hood by Alex Buckley

    Thinking in Parallel by Stuart Marks and Brian Goetz

    Project Jigsaw Hack Session by Alan Bateman, Mark Reinhold and Alex Buckley

    Let’s Get Lazy: Explore the Real Power of Streams by Venkat Subramaniam

    Enforce Application Security in Databases with Oracle Real Application Security by Alan Williams

    HearingNest Art Experience powered by CNC, Raspberry Pi, and Oracle Cloud by Stephen Chin, Alex Kuznetsov,

    Sebastian Daschner, Jose Pereda, Wolf Helzle and Mirja Wellmann

    Ask the JDK Architects by John Rose, Brian Goetz, Mark Reinhold

    Troubleshooting the Java HotSpot VM by Poonam Parhar

    Interactive Development and Fast Feedback with Java 9 REPL by Venkat Subramaniam

    Vectors for Java by Vladimir Ivanov, Ian Graves and Paul Sandoz

    Developing Java Applications with Eclipse Neon by Gunnar Wagenknecht and Wayne Beaton

    Docker Support in NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ by Arun Gupta

    JUnit5: Features, Architecture, and Extensibility by Stephen Seltzer, Niraja Ramesh and Steve Moyer

    Introduction to Troubleshooting in JDK 9: Serviceability Tools Are Your Friends by Yuji KUBOTA,Yasumasa Suenaga, and Shinji Takao

    Automated Tuning of the JVM with Bayesian Optimization by Jianqiao Liu, Ramki Ramkirramakrishna, and Alex Wiltschko

    How to Generate Customized Java 8 Code from Your Database by Emil Forslund,Per-Ake Minborg,Per-Ake Minborg

    Gradle Support in NetBeans: A State of the Union by Martin Klähn and Sven Reimers

    Java 9 and the Impact on Maven Projects by Robert Scholte

    Microservices for Mortals by Bert Ertman

    JavaScript Nirvana in NetBeans by Ryan Cuprak

    Faster Java EE Builds with Gradle by Ryan Cuprak

    Raspberry Pi with Java 9 by Stephen Chin

    Java Debuggers: A Peek Under the Hood by David Buck

    Ten Productivity Tips for Java EE and Spring Developers by Simon Maple

    Am I Reading Garbage Collection Logs Correctly? by Ram Lakshmanan

    The Bytecode Hocus-Pocus by Raimon Rafols

    Pair Programming with Eclipse Cloud Development Top Projects by Sun Seng

    The Illusion of Statelessness by Aleks Seovic

    High Availability with Docker and javaEE by Bruno Souza, Elder Moraes,and André de Carvalho

    The Remote Presentation Model Pattern by Hendrik Ebbers and Andres Almiray

    IoT Security: Cases and Methods by Leonardo Lima

    Building a Java Recommender System in 15 Minutes with Graph Technologies by Alan Wu, Genia Trofimova and Hassan Chafi

    Microservices Minus the Hype: How to Build and Why by Mark Heckler

    Java EE 8 Update by Linda Demichiel

    Go Reactive with Vert.x in Oracle Application Container Cloud by Edson Yanaga and Eder Ignatowicz

    How to Create a Java Agent and Why Would You Need One? 

    Cloud Native Microservices and Containers in the Middleware World by Kai Wähner

    Cloud-Native Java EE by Steve Millidge and Mike Croft

    Migrate Java EE Applications to Microservices and Oracle Java Cloud by Matjaz B. Juric and Tilen Faganel

    JAX-RS 2.1 for Java EE 8 by Ed Burns and Pavel Bucek

    Servlet 4.0: Status Update and HTTP/2 Comes to Java EE 8 by Ed Burns

    How Multidimensional Search Trees Speed Up a Java Connection Pool by Yuri Dolgov and Kuassi Mensah

    Leveraging AppCDS to Optimize Application Startup and Memory Footprint in the Cloud by Vaibhav Choudhary, Jiangli Zhou, and Ioi Lam

    Configuration for Java EE 8 and the Cloud by Dmitry Kornilov

    Java EE Next: HTTP/2 and REST Opportunities by David Delabassee,Pavel Bucek

    Extend Your Cloud/Back End to Mobile Devices by Jonathan Giles and Johan Vos

    JSF 2.3: The Community Takes Charge by Ed Burns

    Run Your Java EE Apps with WildFly Swarm in Oracle Application Container Cloud by Edson Yanaga

    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Open Source by Andres Almiray and Ixchel Ruiz

    Contributing to Open Source by Wayne Beaton and Gunnar Wagenknecht

    Managing Open Source Contributions in Large Organizations by James Ward

    Delivering Unicorns by Kasia Mrowca

    The Diabolical Developer’s Guide to Performance Tuning by Kirk Pepperdine and Martijn Verburg

    Java EE for the Cloud by Bill Shannon and Rajiv Mordani

    Operational Excellence with Netflix Hystrix by Billy Yuen

    Enhanced Deprecation in Java 9 by Stuart Marks

    Java EE Applications on Oracle Java Cloud Service by Harshad Oak

    Development Operations in the Cloud: A Use Case and Best Practices by Greg Stachnick and Jeff Stephenson Oracle

    Live-Coding No-Ceremony Microservices by Adam Bien Adam Bien

    Toward an Evolutionary Design and Architecture by Venkat Subramaniam

    Cross Functional Code Reviews by Margaret Fero

    The DevOps Disaster: 15 Ways to Fail at DevOps by Bert Jan Schrijver

    Java EE 7 Meets Java 8 by Roberto Cortez Tomitribe

    One Microservice Is No Microservice: They Come in Systems by Markus Eisele

    Handling Eventual Consistency in JVM Microservices with Event Sourcing by Kenny Bastani

    Web Protocols for Java Developers by Petr Janouch and Pavel Bucek

    Multicloud Scalability: NoSQL with Cassandra, Java EE, CDI, and Containers by Bruno Souza and Otavio Santana

    Portable Cloud Applications with Java EE by Josh Dorr, Rajiv Mordani, Jow Di Pol