Oracle User Group Community FAQ

Version 4

    Welcome to the Oracle User Group Community!


    We're glad you're here! To help you get started in this community, below are answers to frequently asked questions. See also Overview of Oracle User Group Community Portal for useful information.


    What is the Oracle User Group Community?


    User groups accelerate value realization and customer success through ongoing engagement, education, and experience sharing. These independent communities help their members succeed in today's increasingly dynamic environment.


    The Oracle User Group Community portal is where user group members can network, ask questions, and share information across user groups worldwide.


    The Oracle User Group Community is part of the broader Oracle Community. Other communities include Oracle Technology Network (OTN), My Oracle Support Community, Topliners (Oracle Marketing Cloud), OTN Summit, Java, as well as many other products, technology, and special interest groups.


    How do I get started?


    If you are new to the Oracle Community, below are some FAQs and general resources to help you become familiar with our platform. To get started, simply complete the first two steps below.

      1. First, you'll need to register as a member of the community. Create an Oracle account if you don't already have one.
        • If you have an existing Oracle account, simply update your profile by clicking Manage Communities to add Oracle Technology Network Communities.
      2. Next, update your Display Name and profile for the community. By default, you are an anonymous user until you update your Display Name. It's a good idea to update your photo and avatar as well!


    The resources below will help answer some questions you may have.


    Introduction Videos

    General Information

    Please be aware and observe the following rules and guidelines for the Oracle Community.


    Are you a leader or administrator for a user group?


    If you have a leadership role in a user group (board members, directors, or administrators), please see also the Oracle User Group Leader FAQ for information to help you get started as a leader and register your user group here on the portal.


    What is a Default Community?


    In short, this applies the theme and look-and-feel of your preferred community across other areas of the platform. To set your default community, click the drop-down next to your name, select Edit Profile, then choose Your Profile. Select the radio button for OUGC (Oracle User Group Community).


    How do I find a user group?


    You can locate user groups using the interactive map on the home page of the User Group Community. Double-click to drill into a region, or single-click on a country, state, or province to see a list of user groups available in that area. Visit each group's website to learn more about the user group.


    Additionally, you can also browse through the regional directories listed below the map. These directories contain details for each user group, including their website, focus, location, as well as their meet-up and social groups here on the portal (if available). The directories are organized by the four regions:


    What if I want to start a new user group?


    If there isn't an existing group in your region or for your interested area, and you are thinking about starting a new user group, here are some common characteristics of a typical user group. Note: User groups may vary by region or country.


    A user group is

      • Generally an independent, non-profit, or not-for-profit organization or community
      • Organized and managed by passionate individuals within the Oracle community
      • A place to discuss and share knowledge about Oracle applications and technologies
      • A place to discover and learn how other organizations are using Oracle
      • Focused on end users or developers
      • Users of all levels are welcome to participate, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional
      • Open to the public with a public membership
        • Many are free to join; some groups offer varying levels of membership packages and benefits



    Still have questions?

    No problem! You can send us an email at: