Oracle User Group Leader FAQ

Version 5

    Welcome, User Group Leaders, to the Oracle User Group Community!


    Below are answers to frequently asked questions to help you and your user group get started on the Oracle User Group Community portal. Please also review the Oracle User Group Community FAQ and Overview of Oracle User Group Community Portal for useful information.


    I am a leader for my user group. How do I get started?


    If you have a leadership role in a user group (board members, directors, or administrators) and you haven't done so, we invite you to register for access to the User Group Leader Space within the community, which is available only to leaders. This dedicated space is where user group leaders can interact with their peers around the world, as well as with the Oracle User Group team. Please send an email to


    Please note: To register as a leader, you must have an Oracle Account, and you must have used that account to log in to the Oracle Community. If you don't have one yet, please create an Oracle Account. If you have not logged in to the Oracle Community using this account, please do so before submitting the leader registration.


    How do I register my user group on the Oracle User Group Community?


    If your user group does not already have a social group here on the Oracle User Group Community portal, we invite you to register for one! Simply complete this request for a social group and we'll take care of the rest.


    Please note: Group administrators will also require an Oracle Account. Create an Oracle Account if you don't already have one.


    I received access to the User Group Leader Space. What should I do next?


    Within the User Group Leader Space, there are subspaces for each of the four geographic regions, as well as specific topic areas. These subspaces are used by the Oracle user group relationship managers to communicate and share information with group leaders. Join and follow the regional subspace relevant for you. You can also browse through past activities and postings.


    In addition, there is also an administration subspace. We are actively working on a number of updates and enhancements for the portal. Watch this space for updates and announcements about upcoming changes, as well as training information.


    Regional subspaces within the User Group Leader Space:


    How do I add events to the User Group Events Calendar? What about


    Along with the recent launch of the new user group events calendar, we have also streamlined the process for posting user group events. The new process is simple.


    Posting events to the User Group Events Calendar:

      • Complete this request to add your events to the user group events calendar.
      • Be sure to complete all required fields.
      • Submit requests six weeks in advance of the event, if possible, to ensure adequate timing and promotion.


    Posting events to

      • To request events to be posted on in addition to the user group portal, please send an email to after submitting the request above.
      • Note: Events appropriate for posting on are large user group events and conferences taking place in the region or country.


    For additional events-related support:


    User Group Map and Directory

    The home page of the User Group Community includes an interactive map and regional directories to help visitors locate user groups around the world. If you require updates for your user group, please email with the name of your group and updates needed. Please note directory updates take one week to process and map updates take approximately two weeks to process.



    Have additional questions?

    No problem! Drop us a note at: