Overview of Oracle User Group Community Portal

Version 5

    Overview of Oracle User Group Community Portal


    Welcome to user groups worldwide! To help you get started, this document provides an overview of the Oracle User Group Community portal and some of the key features.


    For information on registering as a member, registering your user group, and other frequently asked questions, please review the Oracle User Group Community FAQ. If you're a user group leader, see also the Oracle User Group Leader FAQ.


    If you have questions, need further help, or have suggestions you'd like to share with us, drop us a note anytime at: oracleusergroups_ww@oracle.com. We'd love to hear from you!


    User Group Community Spotlight

    Near the top of the community home page is the User Group Community Spotlight. This area is regularly updated with user group and Oracle news and updates, including:

      • Upcoming user group events
      • Highlights from recent events
      • Featured articles and publications
      • Webinars and event replays
      • Calls for paper

    User Group Community Spotlight


    User Group Map and Directory

    Directly below the Community Spotlight is a global interactive map where you can locate user groups near you. Double-click to drill into a region. Single-click on a country, state, or province to see a list of user groups available in that area. Note the list will appear in the following order: state/province, country, region, and global/virtual. Visit each groups website to learn more about the user group.


    Additionally, you can also browse through the regional directories listed below the map. These directories contain details for each user group, including their website, focus, location, as well as their meet-up and social groups here on the portal (if available). The directories are organized by the four regions:


    User Group Events

    User Group Events Calendars are located in the right-hand navigation. Browse through the global or regional calendars to find upcoming user group events by location, product, or technology – from local meetings to regional and national conferences.