Version 3

    3,4 We meet on the third Thursday of the month at 7pm. 我们在每月的第三个星期四7点钟见面。

    See http://szjug.github.io/

    Every meeting there are some prizes from GitHub (the company), one 100% discount coupon code for IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains, hopefully pizza and we are welcoming new sponsors, supporters and presenters.

    SZJUG is lso at http://www.meetup.com/Shenzhen-Java-User-Group/.



    How it works

    • Everyone can suggest a Java-related topic (via GitHub Pull Request or issue, WeChat group or on meeting)
    • Presenter defines what and how to present, including language. 当然可以用中文,我们在中国。
    • Order is usually FIFO, organizers and presenters can discuss to move, e.g. to make it logical