Best Practices for Data Reduction on Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for Backup Use Cases

Version 1
    1. It is important to review best practices for backup configurations that include deduplication so that data reduction ratios, system resources, and network bandwidth are optimized. If configuration practices are not met, overall reduction ratios and system performance can be reduced.
      This white paper describes general best practices for configuring Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4, Oracle ZFS Storage ZS5-2, and Oracle ZFS Storage ZS5-4 platforms to use LZ4 compression and deduplication with the following backup products:
      •   Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN) for Oracle Database backups
      •   Microsoft SQL server dumps
      •   Veritas NetBackup (NBU) OpenStorage Technology (OST)
      •   VEEAM v. 9 for VM backups

    By Cindy Swearingen