I/O Throttling with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and VMware vSphere 6.x Configuration: Best Practices

Version 1

    This white paper provides best practices and recommendations for configuring products in the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance family with I/O throttlingwhich was introduced with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance software release OS8.7.0on VMware vSphere 6.x. I/O throttling enables Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance systems to reach optimal I/O performance and throughput.

    This paper lists the benefits and limitations of I/O throttling as well as I/O throttling configuration procedures. Additionally, use cases illustrate the effects, through graphical analytics, of different bandwidth settings for I/O throttling. The test environment comprises Linux virtual machines (VMs) that implement I/O throttling on top of iSCSI datastores on Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance LUNs.


    By Nithya Subramanian, Oracle Application Integration Engineering