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    5 Reasons Rimini Street, Other ‘Lower-Cost’ Software Maintenance Providers May Be
    More Expensive

    Infographic: Thinking of Moving to Third-Party Support? (PDF)

    Don't put your business at risk. Demand answers to these crucial questions.

    On-demand Webcast: Is Your Software Vulnerable to Cybercrime?

    As the threat of cybercrime continues to accelerate, customers must understand how to protect their companies from risk. Hear from Oracle's Juan Jones, Senior Vice President, Global Support Renewal Sales, on the potential risks and vulnerabilities of third-party support and self-maintenance of your Oracle software investments. Take a few minutes to learn more from this webcast.

    Infographic: Is Your Software Vulnerable to Cybercrime? (PDF)

    Third-part support and self-maintenance can't fully protect you—the real solution is at the source.

    Third-Party Enterprise Software Support: Key Risks and Questions to Ask

    IDC Persepctive

    Executive Snapshot: What to Consider When Evaluating Third-Party Support Providers for Enterprise Software

    Digital transformation is a key strategic imperative in 2017, but replacing existing IT infrastructure is not an option far most enterprises. ClOs must innovate, evolve, and optimize their IT infrastructure for critical business processes. The right support provider can help minimize risk and maximize performance at this critical time. With the emergence of third-party support for enterprise software, IT organizations evaluate potential support providers across five criteria to determine the best provider for their IT road map. Read more »

    How Vendor Support Can Help Improve Ongoing IT Operations

    Vendor-driven support now typically includes an additional IT service capability that can provide key insight and guidance to CIOs and IT managers. As business leaders look for more advanced technology solutions that can help improve the customer experience and drive revenue, flexibility and agility in IT service delivery are no longer optional. As a result, IT organizations are looking to support providers for assurance in helping improve IT operations across their integrated, heterogeneous environments. Read more »

    Why Vendor Support is a Good Choice for Deploying Predictive/Preventive Support

    While the need for reactive support, i.e. break/fix, will continue to be important in support, recent IDC research shows that most IT organizations are finding that reactive support alone is not enough to manage their complex technology landscapes. More and more, organizations are expanding their use of advanced predictive and preventive support capabilities across their environments. Read more »

    'Petya' Didn't Know *This* About Third-Party Software Maintenance Firms

    In light of the most recent ransomware attack (using malware dubbed Petya), IT leaders would do well to resist the siren call of third-party software maintenance firms. IT has become a board-level concern—not only because of security concerns but also because of the growing awareness that digital transformation is changing the competitive landscape in every industry. Read more »

    WannaCry Ransomware Attacks Expose Some Third-Party Support Models

    Malicious software like WannaCry exploits vulnerabilities in software to cripple the IT infrastructure that is critical to running many businesses. According to federal guidelines issued in response by the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT, a cybersecurity agency within the US Department of Homeland Security), support services offered by some third-party vendors run directly counter to these guidelines for thwarting malicious software. Read more »

    Benefits of Vendor Support for Problem Resolution

    As business leaders push for faster adoption of mobile, social and cloud technologies, CIOs and IT managers wrestle with the best approach to embracing these new delivery systems and "keeping the lights on" for important production systems. With the relentless pace of change in technology in 2017, IDC research shows that most organizations have already started their digital transformation journey across all aspects of the business. However, the reality is that for most companies, IT must integrate these new technologies with extensive production systems – and support them for the foreseeable future. Read more »

    Software Patching Critical for Solid Security and Reduced Risk

    Top-to-bottom enterprise security, as well as compliance, are increasingly key priorities for many companies. A recent report from Ovum, "Software Patching is Critical for Solid Security and Reduced Risk," explores the challenges faced by many business leaders in today's evolving IT landscape and highlights the benefits of working closely with a software vendor to make full use of software updates, upgrades, and support tools to proactively maintain security.


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    Oracle Support Essentials Webcasts

    The  Oracle Support Essentials Webcast series provides customers with important information on support policies, processes, and proactive tools via live web conferences and recorded sessions. These seminars, available in multiple languages and across different time zones, help ensure customers optimize the value of their Oracle Support contract.

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    Oracle Product Support Advisor Webcasts are live customer-facing presentations delivered by Oracle subject matter experts (SMEs) who share knowledge and information about Oracle services, products, and technologies. Each webcast is delivered via WebEx straight to your desktop and includes a live Q&A session with SMEs, enabling customers to receive answers to their specific questions.


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