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    Why are we introducing Release Update Pack Releases?

    What is a Release Update Pack release?

    What are the current Release Update Packs?

    What documentation will clients receive with a Release Update Pack release?






    Oracle Agile Applications

    Oracle Agile Product Collaboration - Version to [Release 9.3]

    Oracle Agile Product Cost Management - Version to [Release 9.3]

    Oracle Agile PLM Framework - Version to [Release 9.3]

    Oracle Agile Product Portfolio Management - Version to [Release 9.3]

    Information in this document applies to any platform.



    Starting April 2017, Agile PLM (A9) will ship code fixes through RUPs (Release Update Packs) on Agile PLM release versions 9.3.5 and 9.3.6 instead of limited availability one-off patches.


    Why are we introducing Release Update Pack releases?

    The objective is to ensure an easier patch application process and overall better software quality. Agile PLM 9.3.5 and 9.3.6 customers will now be able to plan and install RUPs on a regular basis to take advantage of the latest identified issues and no longer having to wait for our annually scheduled release.


    The benefits to our customers are the following:

    • Ease of patch application: Customers will no longer have to manage patch prerequisites and incompatibilities. They can apply the RUP which includes the fix for the reported issue(s).
    • Better overall quality: All RUPs will go through quality testing thus enabling customers to easily get the latest quality software for their Agile PLM release.
    • Regular releases: RUPs will be released monthly or bi monthly depending on the RUP content. Oracle Development will ensure there is no negative lead time compared to the previous single patch release process.


    What is a Release Update Pack release?

    A Release Update Pack will be a single consolidated patch consisting of a collection of defect fixes. The release includes any critical client one-off patches delivered since the previous release or RUP and fixed issues targeted specifically for the RUP. All RUPs will be cumulative and will include those fixes provided in earlier RUPs. Release Update Packs will exclude database changes, data migration, and, with only approved exceptions, enhancements. RUPs will be released like a patch and available for download on My Oracle Support.


    What are the current Release Update Packs?

    • Oracle Agile PLM 9.3.5 RUP1 ( - Patch 26048527
    • Oracle Agile PLM 9.3.6 RUP1 ( - Coming Soon


    What documentation will clients receive with a Release Update Pack release?

    Fixes delivered in a RUP will be documented in the RUP readme.


    How does this affect our clients?

    By moving to regular RUP releases, Agile PLM customers will now have greater visibility into bugs being fixed within a RUP release versus custom one-off customer fixes which were then later rolled into annual releases.



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    NOTE:2156962.1 - Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management Error Correction Support Policy

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