How to Find the Right Space in Which to Post Your Product Question

Version 12

    Need help getting oriented in MOSC?  Let's start with a quick word on how our community is organized, and the definitions of its two levels: spaces and subspaces.


    Spaces are broad, top-level categories that generally correspond to major product offerings within Oracle.  For example, there are MOSC spaces devoted to Oracle Database (MOSC)Oracle E-Business Suite (MOSC), PeopleSoft (MOSC), and many more.  Top-level spaces are generally used for categorization and organizational purposes, and do not support new content creation (discussions, ideas, etc.). However, they often provide messaging (such as product announcements, alerts, and upcoming events) that make sense to deliver at a product-wide level, so they are a great place to follow and visit.


    Subspaces are where all the action happens!  Subspaces are smaller divisions within a space that generally provide forums in which specific product functionality, or sometimes specific products relevant to a broader product area, can be discussed.  Subspaces are where you will post your questions, share your ideas, respond to other community users, and discuss best practices, policies, and product features.  In order to get the best assistance and find the most qualified community members to respond, it's important that you find the right subspace in which to participate!




    Navigating in the My Oracle Support Community can be a bit of a challenge for new users, but it becomes much easier with use of the 'Find Spaces' dropdown.  This list of values (LOV) appears at the top of your screen in the main navigation bar.



    Clicking this button will produce a menu of top-level space options, including Oracle E-Business Suite (MOSC), Oracle Database, Middleware (MOSC), and many others.  It's important to note that each product area has one or many subspaces beneath it, each monitored by an expert collection of Oracle Support professionals.  You will of course get the speediest response to your question by posting it in the correct location.


    Let's take an example.  Suppose you are a Middleware customer who has a best practices question concerning the 'Oracle Application Server (OAS)' product.  To find the best subspace for your question (the one that's staffed by OAS experts and community users), click the Middleware link to expand a submenu of the Middleware subspaces.  Then simply locate 'Oracle Application Server (MOSC)' in the menu, and navigate there.



    That's it!  You've found the location you're looking for, and you can now bookmark/favorite the URL.  Better yet -- elect to follow the subspace, so you can receive updates in your streams or via email when new posts are made to this subspace.  To do this, click the 'Follow' button in the top right of the page.




    Once you determine where to post your question, now, learn How to Ask a Good Question in MOSC!



    What if I don't see a space or subspace dedicated to the product or service that I use?


    The My Oracle Support Community strives to provide community representation for the vast majority of Oracle's on-premise products, as well as some of its cloud service offerings.  There are some exceptions and small gaps in coverage, however, which we do attempt to remedy to the best of our ability.  If you need help locating a space or subspace within MOSC in which to ask your questions, feel free to reach out to the MOSC Team; we're here to help! 


    Also, please note that community support for the growing number of Oracle's cloud services can often be found in our companion community, Oracle Cloud Customer Connect.  At times there is crossover in community support of these services between MOSC and Cloud Customer Connect, but if you do not see representation in MOSC for your specific cloud service, Cloud Customer Connect may have you covered.  From that community's main page, click the Forums link in the menu bar to browse the many forums/boards available here to assist users of Oracle cloud services.


    For more information on using the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC), please see FAQ: My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) Information and User Reference.