Mark Responses as Correct and Helpful

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    1. About


    People in the public Oracle communities participate voluntarily for individual reasons and often wish to establish an expert reputation and to improve knowledge and experience. Your feedback is therefore required. Please also keep in mind that the forums are usually not official Oracle support.


    Marking a response as correct will mark a question as answered. It will help people to identify whether a problem has been resolved or requires attention. If your issue is solved, please let people know.


    Note that requests to mark responses as answered or correct are against the forum etiquette.


    Please review Community Posting Etiquette



    2. How to mark questions as correct or helpful


    A post or discussion needs to be created as a question in order to mark response as correct or helpful, which is the default.


    Create as question.jpgMark as question.jpg



    You will get a notification in your Inbox when you receive a response.


    The Inbox provides  limited editing and management features, but does allow you to mark a response as helpful.


    Inbox mark helpful.jpg


    To mark a question as correct however, it is necessary to open the thread or discussion. There are several ways:


    • Select View Profile from the pull-down menu when clicking on our display username in community banner. 
      Select Content to locate your post.
    • Or, open the forum space where you posted your question.
    • Or, click on the thread title or subject after you have received a notification in your Inbox.


    Click discussion title.jpg

    Review the responses and mark them as correct and/or helpful. There is no limit to marking questions as helpful, but only 1 question can be marked as correct.

    Mark as correct.jpg

    Mark as helpful.jpg



    After marking a response as correct, the status of the question will automatically change to Answered.


    Answered question.jpg




    3. How to unmark questions as correct or helpful


    To unmark previously marked answers, simply click on Helpful and/or Unmark as Correct as as shown below:

    Unmark helpful.jpg

    Unmark as correct.jpg

    You need to reload or reopen a thread to notice the change after unmarking a helpful or correct response.

    Points that were previously assigned will be revoked.



    4. How to mark a question as assumed answered


    You can mark your question as assumed answered if you do not receive helpful responses or wish to close the subject for other reasons.


    Mark assumed answered.jpg


    It is a good idea and a matter of courtesy to inform people about the solution. You may edit your original post to provide your conclusion, or add an appropriate response yourself and mark it as correct. Marking your own answers will however not add points for helpful and correct responses to your profile.



    5. How to unmark a question as assumed answered

    Unfortunately you cannot click on Assumed Answered, but marking any response as correct will change the status to Answered, hence unmarking correct will change it back to Not Answered. For such purpose it is best to add your own response, mark it as answered, then unmark it as a answered and delete your response.


    Assumed answered.jpg