Splitting Audience list into 2,3,4,5,6,7 equal batches

Version 2

    Hi Folks,


    This document will take you through the steps to split your target base /audience into equal/almost equal batches.


    If we want to send an email to our audience in batches we will choose either "break the send into smaller batches" option in campaign or "percentage based routing option in the program builder". Let me tell you about how we can use the percentage based routing option in the program builder to split our  huge target list (like 100K ,200K) etc into 2,3,4,5,6,7 equal batches.


    As we are splitting them based on percentage the final batch of each batches won't be exactly equal but it will be almost equal. For example if we looking for 5 equal batches the count of each batch will be like 1000,995,995,998,998.


    This is very easy one and will be helpful for the people who wants to split the contacts and add them to a particular program/Campaign/List.


    Percentage Based Routing:

    1. This is the action which we can choose under the decision rule.
    2. We can see this action only for the contact entities.
    3. We need to input the percentage for the yes path and the remaining contacts will be automatically routed to the no path.
    4. After that Configure the yes and no path actions. ( Adding the contacts to list /Moving them to campaign or another program etc)




    Let us now see what are the percentages to be used in this step to split the contacts in to 2,3,4,5,6,7


    Two Batches:

         This is quite easy and i assume you would have figured it out . Yes we just  needs to specify 50% in the percentage based routing decision which will give split audience into 2 equal batches.


    Three Batches:


        For the 3 batches program first let us split the contacts in 33:67 ratio. 33% of the contacts will be the first batch and then apply the 50:50 split to the remaining 67% of the contacts to get the Batch 2 & 3 contacts.



    Four Batches:


        To get the 4 list. As a first step we need to split the target into 2 parts and then apply 50:50 splits to each part.



    Five Batches:


         Apply 20:80 split to the total list and then further apply the 4 batch split (as per above split) to the remaining 80% of the contacts.



    You can get 5 separate different list by following the below percentage also.



    Six Batches:


    To get 6 list equal list follow the below steps.

    1. 16:84

        16 - Batch 1

    2. Then Apply 60:40 to the 84% of the contacts.

              2.a Again apply 33:67 for the 60% of contacts

              2.b 33% of the 60 will be the Batch 2

              2.c  Apply 50:50 split to the 67% of the contacts to get Batch 3 and 4.

    3. Finally split the 40% from ( 60:40) into 50:50 to get Batch 5 and 6

    6 Batch.PNG


    Seven Batches:


    1. Apply 43:57 % Split to all the contacts.

    2. Then Apply 33:67 Split. 33% Contacts from 57 will be the first batch and if we apply 50:50 to the 67% of contacts obtained from 57 we will get batch 2 and 3

    3. By applying 50:50 to the 43% contacts we will get 2 branches then we can use 50:50 split to each of the branches to get 4 list ( Batch 4,5,6,7)