8 August 2017 OpenJDK Working Group Meeting Minutes

Version 1


    Tuesday, 8 August 2017, 9:00 am PDT






    Follow up on action items from last meeting in June 2017.



    PMO: Heather VanCura

    Oracle: Georges Saab, Brian Goetz

    Eclipse Foundation: Mike Milinkovich

    Fujitsu: Mike DeNicola

    JetBrains: Trisha Gee, Anna Kozlova

    Twitter: Tony Printezis



    Heather summarized the two open action items in the OpenJDK Working Group. The first item around clarification of the OCA and JSPA requirement for participation in JSRs, and the second item, feedback on the pre-Final Release Specification Licenses.


    Brian did follow up for clarification from Oracle legal and provided feedback. For JSRs hosted in OpenJDK, Expert Group members need not sign the OCA if they are not going to make material contributions to the Reference Implementation. The JSPA is adequate for Expert Group members who are going to make material contributions to the Specification only.


    Heather followed up with Mike Milinkovich on his action item regarding feedback on licenses (also Scott Stark’s action item). Mike did not have any feedback to share yet. Heather proposed that with the exception of this feedback, the open items for the OpenJDK Working Group have been discussed and resolved, and that we should continue these discussions on revisions to the JCP program process document in the JCP.Next Working Group. If we need to resume separate OpenJDK Working Group meetings, we can do so at a future date.


    In preparation for those discussions, Brian reiterated the desire of OpenJDK to move faster, and get the release into developers’ hands earlier. He discussed that instead of a 6-12 month cadence move initially and then shortening over time, they would like to move to a 4-6 month cadence with the next release of Java SE in early 2018. How can we ensure we get enough feedback and what can we do to meet the requirements of the process but also do regularly, more lightweight?


    Tony enquired about doing an interim move to a slightly longer release cycle at first. Brian summarized that in order to keep Java in step with competitors, the language needs to move faster, although he understands time is tight. Georges described it as a culture shift from a feature release to a date release, with far less content changes in releases. The JSR would be more agile in description. Tony asked about new release compatibility changes and the time allowed to break compatibility. Brian explained that we can expect the number of breaking changes to be much smaller moving forward. Anna asked about the changes between releases will be a surprise to developers. Brian agreed that we will need to plan for it and communicate plans for the future.


    Next Steps

    Summarize discussion for the entire EC during the JCP EC meeting on August 15.

    Continue discussions in the JCP.Next Working Group. Next meeting for the JCP.Next WG is August 29.