Live Bootcamp Training Available for CX Marketing Platform Users

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    Oracle University offers a bootcamp training experience for professionals interested in a comprehensive deep-dive training program that educates on the technical requirements of implementing the Oracle CX Marketing platforms within an organization. The bootcamp training option is available to all CX Marketing partners and platform users.


    OMC product.pngBootcamp Training Overview


    Bootcamp training educates technical professionals or power users who are tasked with the implementation and maintenance of an organization’s instance of a particular Oracle CX Marketing platform. Through online courses (recommended) and instructor-led course content, bootcamp events provide the information and skills required to implement the Oracle CX Marketing solution.


    Training duration is dependent on the platform used and includes a multi-day curriculum of instructor-led education, and may be supplemented by a program of recommended online course(s).


    It is important that an organization participating in this training designate the appropriate technical implementation specialist(s) to attend in order for the organization to gain maximum value from the content presented and ensure long-term effectiveness.


    Available Bootcamp Events


    The following bootcamp events are currently scheduled as live virtual (LVC) courses (through a WebEx session) with enrollment open to Oracle CX Marketing partners and users. Organizations interested in an in-person or private event should contact the education sales team, Training duration may be adjusted for in-person events.


    BootcampTraining Description
    Oracle Eloqua Implementation BootcampThree (3) day instructor-led  LVC session + online courses
    Oracle Responsys Implementation BootcampFour (4) day instructor-led LVC session + online courses

    Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) Implementation Bootcamp

    Two (2) day instructor-led  LVC session + online courses
    Oracle Maxymiser Implementation TrainingTwo and half (2) days instructor-led LVC session + online courses



    The information below is a general description of the bootcamp offering from Oracle University CX Marketing Education. Detailed data sheets and agendas can be provided upon inquiry to the education sales team.


    Bootcamp Training Description


    Bootcamp training is an intensive and highly-focused learning experience designed for the functional implementers within an organization who are responsible for setting up and maintaining the company’s instance of an Oracle Marketing Cloud platform. This individual or group should attend bootcamp training in order to become proficient in the technical aspects of the platform, such as configuration, design and integration.


    A bootcamp event may include online courses recommended before attending the instructor-led session. The specific agendas for the instructor-led events are customized to the relevant marketing cloud platform and include both business application and technical implementation education for the product. Depending on the platform, bootcamp events will range from two to four days of instructor-led education.


    Learning Objectives and Certification

    Each bootcamp training is developed with specific learning objectives related to the marketing cloud platform taught. In addition to presenting these critical skills, the bootcamp opportunity provides the benefits of learning along with other technical professionals in similar job roles as well as gaining hands-on experience in the platform and performing tasks with guidance from experienced instructors.

    Upon completion of the bootcamp event, partners may use their skills to pursue official Oracle recognition through Oracle Partner Network (OPN) specialization. The implementation bootcamp is recommended for any individual or organization preparing for Oracle specialization and should be considered when planning the activities necessary for certification.


    Bootcamp participation provides the education only for functional implementers of an Oracle CX Marketing platform; OPN exam registration and fees are not included. Because not all bootcamp participants will pursue the Oracle certification designation, enrollment for and OPN exam completion are separate from the bootcamp session. Note that other required activities, in addition to passing a specialization exam, may be required for Oracle partner certification.


    Delivery and Instruction

    Regularly scheduled bootcamp sessions will be presented via a live virtual online webcast. Travel is not necessary, except for private events or special in-person sessions arranged in advance through the education sales team. Sessions are highly interactive and include a structured curriculum led by expert instructors. Instructors are Oracle University professionals trained in the technical implementation aspects of their respective platforms.


    Schedule and Enrollment

    The schedule for bootcamp events is currently available by contacting the education sales team, or the Help Desk, . The ongoing schedule will soon be published on the Marketing Cloud Partner Group page in Topliners


    Individual or group seats may be purchased for scheduled bootcamp events. To purchase training, contact the education sales team for details,


    Contact Information


    The Oracle University CX Marketing Education Team is available to answer any questions regarding participation in a bootcamp event.


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