Oracle's SPARC T8 and SPARC M8 Server Architecture

Version 2

    Modern technology initiatives are driving IT infrastructure in a new direction. Big data, social business, mobile applications, the cloud, and real-time analytics all require forward-thinking solutions and enough compute power to deliver the performance required in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace. Customers increasingly drive the speed of business, and organizations need to engage with customers on their terms. The need to manage sensitive information with high levels of security as well as capture, analyze, and act upon massive volumes of data every hour of every day has become critical. These challenges will dramatically change the way that IT systems are designed, funded, and run compared to the past few decades. Databases and Java have become the de facto language in which modern, cloud-ready applications are written. The massive explosion in the volume, variety, and velocity of data increases the need for secure and effective analytics so that organizations can make better and quicker decisions. Complex IT infrastructure poses an impediment by becoming more difficult and expensive to maintain at precisely the moment that organizations are under pressure to drive down costs, increase operating efficiencies, and deliver innovative technologies that can generate new revenue streams. Data security can no longer be treated as an afterthought, because billions of dollars are lost each year to computer intrusions.

    By Pertti Manner