Oracle OpenWorld 2017 | Systems Management Conference Sessions

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    General Session: Manage and Secure Hybrid Cloud at Scale Using Artificial Intelligence [GEN7487]

    In this must-see session hear directly from Oracle Management Cloud customers about how they are leveraging machine learning to dramatically improve their application performance and security posture. Learn about the roadmap of Oracle’s investment in next-generation security and management and see a demonstration of upcoming capabilities. The session also features a look at the exciting new offerings that add value to Oracle Enterprise Manager.

    Prakash Ramamurthy, Senior Vice President, Systems Management , Oracle

    Amit Ganesh, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Manager , Oracle

    Dan Koloski , Oracle

    Steve Pratt, CTO , CenterPoint Energy


    From Code to Customers: Unified Monitoring for Applications and Infrastructure [CON7056]

    Applications today are inherently complex, made up of multiple cloud services, application servers, and containers, and relying upon elastic microservices and distributed APIs. Developing engaging applications and ensuring this complex architecture performance can be nearly impossible without the right tool. Tying code issues with performance issues in production is even harder. In this session learn how Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service and Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service quickly isolate the problem area across the distributed and dynamic IT stack and tie it in context with performance issues across browsers, networks, apps, and data tiers. Understand bottlenecks, isolate issues faster, and deliver better software.

    Erik Benner, VP Enterprise Transformation , Mythics, Inc

    Ernest Molinaro, President , Compasso Corporation

    Tania Le Voi , Oracle

    Taichi Kayama, Systems , NTT Communications

    Bartłomiej Antczak, CEO , Betacom S.A.


    Oracle Enterprise Manager: Mass Agent Deployment via Gold Agent Images [CON7088]

    Are you looking for a solution to simplify agent lifecycle management and ensure best practices, including fresh installation, upgrade, and patching? In this session learn about Gold Agent Images for Oracle Database, middleware, and applications. Discover the best practices to deploy mass agents through Gold Agent Images. Hear firsthand experiences of installing, upgrading, grouping, and managing agent versions in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c, learn about these innovations in detail, and hear successful case studies from Dell.

    Sumesh Balakrishnan , Oracle

    Lee Chin Pan, Advisor, IT Infrastructure , Dell Asia Pacific Sdn

    David Ooi, System Engineer , DELL ASIA PACIFIC SDN BHD


    Top 10 Tips for Improving Database Performance [CON7090]

    Oracle Database and Oracle Enterprise Manager continuously introduce new and exciting capabilities that help improve DBA productivity and maximize performance while reducing management costs. This session covers the theory behind performance diagnosis and tuning and the new capabilities in Oracle Database and Oracle Enterprise Manager, such as Performance Hub, Automatic Workload Repository’s multitenant enhancements, and many others. This session covers the top 10 tips for improving database performance based on real-world best deployment experience that can help DBAs with their day-to-day tasks.

    Kurt Engeleiter, Product Manager , Oracle

    Venkata Ravi Kumar Yenugula, DBA , Raymond James Financial, Inc.


    Application Performance Monitoring from End User to Oracle Java Cloud Service [CON7054]

    Application performance is core to the success of every business and is critical for any application running on Oracle Java Cloud Service. Too many times the tools that tell you how your users or database queries are performing are locked away in silos, making it impossible to tie customer experience issues to errors in your code, middleware, and databases. Unlock the performance of your teams across organizations through unified application performance monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and log analytics. In this session see how Oracle's unified approach to monitoring provides visibility into your code, database performance, and the underlying infrastructure, all through one unified tool in your Oracle Java Cloud Service environment.

    Lucas Jellema, CTO , AMIS Services BV

    Jurgen Leijer , Oracle


    Get Set, Go! Cloud-Based Enterprise IT Operations Management [CON7200]

    This session covers Oracle Management Cloud deployment for enterprisewide monitoring, performance management, analytics, and automation. Learn best practices for deployment, architecture, sizing, data collection configuration, security configuration, data masking, high availability, firewall and proxy configuration, buffering configuration, and ongoing maintenance.

    Shailesh Dwivedi , Oracle

    Sachin Dhamdhere , Oracle

    Zubair Ansari , Oracle


    Oracle Advanced Customer Support: Raise Performance with Oracle Management Cloud [CON7042]

    Oracle Advanced Customer Support has a proven track record of delivering solutions to maximize the value of enterprise software for IT organizations. Oracle Management Cloud provides a rich web platform that enables advanced monitoring services across the entire IT estate. In this session learn how Oracle Advanced Customer Support now offers services to get the most out of Oracle Management Cloud, including performance analytics, capacity, and consolidation. Learn how Oracle Advanced Customer Support is using Oracle Management Cloud to bring performance benefits to real customers today.

    John Masterson, Sr. Director, Advanced Customer Support Tools & Infrastructure , Oracle

    Will Scelzo, Vice President, Business Development , Oracle


    Capacity Planning for Hybrid Cloud Using Machine Learning [CON7070]

    Abstract: Oracle Management Cloud provides a single pane-of-glass to system admins, cloud admins and DBAs to get deep visibility, actionable capacity optimization and planning insights into on-prem and cloud infrastructure in a hybrid cloud environment . Your infrastructure may be standard compute nodes in your data center or Exadata on-prem or Exadata cloud service. Learn how to easily do capacity planning with predictive insights and machine learning capabilities such as baselining and anomaly detection, early warning so you can identify the top consumers and optimize the infrastructure that you have and plan better for your future needs.

    Janardhana Korapala, Database Admin Consultant , Dell Inc

    Sutapa Bansal, Product Management Director , Oracle


    How Monitoring in Oracle Management Cloud Helps Troubleshoot Customer Issues [CON7055]

    Applications have become highly complex, with many components used for multiple purposes in a single environment. Application response and behavior can vary depending on whether it is being accessed from a browser, a mobile app, or another server. Application performance can depend on parameters such as geolocation, user journey, and time of the day. Come to this session to learn how Oracle Management Cloud can help you understand how mode of user access, geolocation, and other parameters influence your application performance and customer experience. Get a complete visibility and understanding of what end users are doing and how that impacts your application. Test and monitor such patterns in production in a scalable and easy way.

    Jurgen Leijer , Oracle

    Filippo Cecchi, ICT and Operating Manager , Unicoop Firenze

    Simone Traversari, Solution Architect , Bridge Consulting S.r.l.


    Monitoring and Security Best Practices with Oracle Enterprise Manager Deep-Dive [CON7085]

    Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a complete monitoring solution for your on-premises, hybrid, and cloud estate through a single pane of glass. This session gives valuable insight into monitoring and security best practices with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c. Learn practical tips and strategies for a smarter and leaner monitoring of your IT ecosystem. Learn about security strategies and best practices to successfully harden Oracle Enterprise Manager deployment, thus raising the bar on security. Drill-down topics covered include common challenges, best practices, and new features in monitoring and security such as single sign-on integration, sharing and managing credentials, and securing communications between Oracle Enterprise Manager components.

    Deepen Chakraborty, Enterprise Architect , INTEL CORPORATION

    Yutaka Takatsu , Oracle

    Karilyn Loui, Principal Product Manager , Oracle


    SQL Tuning for Expert DBAs [CON7091]

    SQL tuning can be a challenging task even for an expert DBA. The root cause of most database performance issues is bad or suboptimal SQL. In this session explore a practical approach to SQL optimization, identification, and elimination of SQL performance issues using Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor, SQL Tuning Advisor, Real-Time SQL Monitoring, SQL Performance Analyzer, and SQL Performance Analyzer Quick Check features. Learn a systematic methodology to improve SQL and database performance for myriad SQL performance issues. Discover how to harness these features for automatically tuning errant SQL with no effort and time spent on your part.

    Gp Gongloor, Senior Director, Product Management , Oracle

    Konstantin Kerekovski, Oracle DBA , Raymond James Financial, Inc.


    Deep Dive into Database Service Workbench: Automation Beyond DBaaS [CON7037]

    Looking for a solution to rapidly deploy, move, and perform DBA tasks with ease? Hoping to find instant access to database services (empty or clone) along with fully automated lifecycle functions? These things require a newly engineered automation and cloudified database management framework that is nimble, scalable, and real time. Database service workbench is that single tool. In this session learn how it lets DevOps perform complete database and data lifecycle management across clouds and most importantly, refresh/rewind, monitor, and manage databases on a continual basis.

    Subhadeep Sengupta , Oracle

    Karl Dias , Oracle


    Prevent Outages, Improve the Performance of Oracle Solutions [CON7040]

    Your investment in applications such as Oracle e-Business Suite is at the heart of many critical business processes. Gaining deeper insight into how the applications are performing as well as how to be more effective and agile at troubleshooting is top of mind for many. Attend this session to hear a panel of experts and customers discuss how to use the power of Oracle Management Cloud’s machine-learning-based analytics and monitoring to ensure peak performance of critical business processes; gain insight into actual user experience issues; get ahead of the troubleshooting curve to solve app, database, middleware, and infrastructure issues before they impact service quality; and maximize utilization of your IT capacity.

    Uday Vallamsetty , Oracle

    Masamichi Nakamura, Manager 3rd dept. Systems Div. , NTT Communications

    Roberto Uhry, Engineer (IT) , Compasso Tecnologia Ltda.


    Simplify Management of Multiple Cloud and Hybrid Cloud IT Environments [CON7048]

    If your applications are deployed in the cloud, you are probably worried about having to deal with multiple disparate tools to manage your applications and infrastructure in a hybrid environment. In this session learn how Oracle Management Cloud allows you to centrally manage your applications deployed on-premises, in a private cloud, or on a public cloud such as Amazon EC2 or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and provides deep visibility to health and performance of your applications. Learn how you can enforce the same monitoring best practices when you move your applications to the cloud, maintain your performance baseline, and compare and contrast performance between before and after migrations.

    Debu Panda, Senior Director, Product Management , Oracle

    Nikhil Gupta , Oracle

    Fairlie Rego, Database Architect , Techno Consulting


    Getting Started with Oracle Management Cloud [CON7058]

    In this session learn how to identify which of the Oracle Management Cloud services you might need, as well as how to get started. All services use the same underlying platform and agent. Learn about planning and architecture, agent deployment and maintenance, as well as advanced topics such as available REST APIs, creating entities, custom widgets, topologies, and custom dashboards using the data explorer.

    Courtney Llamas , Oracle

    Janardhana Korapala, Database Admin Consultant , Dell Inc

    Juergen Fleischer , Oracle


    Proactive Monitoring for Modern IT: Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service [CON7066]

    Today’s apps are built on modern IT infrastructure, spanning diverse technologies on-premises or on the cloud, in containerized and dynamic environments. This presents a challenge for IT staff who need visibility across tiers and a way to assess true issues from noise. Come to this session to learn how Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service brings together all your infrastructure data in one place (F5, Tomcat, Apache, NGINX, WebLogic, Oracle, SQL Server, VMware, Dockers, ZFS, Oracle Cloud, Amazon AWS, etc.), autoderiving associations between these for root cause and impact analysis, and providing dashboards and data science technologies to surface issues in a meaningful way.

    Ana Maria Mccollum, Director of Product Management , Oracle

    Nara Gogineni , Oracle

    Akshai Duggal, Director Product Management , Oracle


    Upgrade to Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c: Tips, Tricks, Zero-Downtime Patching [CON7086]

    It takes much more than running the runInstaller for IT to see all the upgrade features in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c. This session covers the technicalities around lifecycle management and the best practices, starting with getting your Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c environment ready, and continuing all the way through to Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c agent upgrades. The innovations in this space continue at a rapid pace and include comprehensive software-only upgrade, single-step adoption of Level-4 HA, Agent Gold Image, composite patching, empre-req kit utility, and more. The session also covers how zero downtime patching can help you patch the Oracle Management Server while Oracle Enterprise Manager continues to be up and running.

    Lap Nguyen, Database Administrator , Chevron

    Sujit Dhawalkar, Senior Database Administrator , Comcast Corporation

    Sumesh Balakrishnan , Oracle


    Next-Generation Database Patching: Oracle Enterprise Manager Fleet Maintenance [CON7202]

    In this session hear how customers are solving the challenges of patching databases across the enterprise, while avoiding excessive downtime and multiple maintenance windows. The Fleet Maintenance feature of Oracle Enterprise Manager enables administrators to patch and upgrade database software with minimal downtime, across your entire database estate, significantly reducing the time required for maintenance activities. This session includes a panel discussion featuring customer panelists from a variety of industries discussing business benefits, technical architectures, implementation best practices, and future directions. Attendees learn about real-world experiences in using Fleet Maintenance and why it is a must-have for managing databases at scale.

    Nikhil Rughoonundon, Manager IT , FedEx

    Martin Pena, Senior Director, Product Management , Oracle

    Patti Hays, Database Administrator , Express Scripts

    Peggy Ochs, Database Administrator , Express Scripts

    Khurram Kamal, ISD Manager , Navy Federa


    Managing Oracle WebLogic Server: New Features and Best Practices [CON7081]

    Attend this session to hear about new capabilities for managing your entire Oracle WebLogic landscape. With Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 2 and Oracle WebLogic Server Management Pack, Enterprise Edition, administrators are able to better monitor their middleware environment, gain access to more administration operations, and extend common automation tasks. Learn how these functional areas of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 2 can be best leveraged by your IT organization to centrally monitor and manage all your domains.

    Rao Bhethanabotla , Oracle

    Nicole Haba, Senior Principal Product Manager , Oracle


    Advance from DBA to Cloud Administrator [CON1103]

    In this session, learn how to capitalize on the cloud career opportunity by understanding the trends, challenges, and possibilities in the DBA community. Gain confidence and control to help you justify why you should take action and provide guidance to your management to effect transformational change.

    Erik Benner, VP Enterprise Transformation , Mythics, Inc

    Moe Fardoost , Oracle

    Timothy Mooney , Oracle


    Become an Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service Power User [CON7053]

    Aggregating, analyzing, and searching logs from across your data center is a significant improvement over traditional script-based analysis of logs. Searching through logs can be an easy way to find what you are looking for, but you can leverage the powerful commands in Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service to derive significant operational intelligence from your logs as well. In this session learn to master the power of all query commands available in Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service and turn yourself into a power user, creating compelling saved searches and dashboards.

    Rakesh Dhoopar, Vice President, Product Management , Oracle

    Nima Haddadkaveh , Oracle


    Monitoring and Analytics Across Oracle PaaS, IaaS, Containers, and Microservices [CON7038]

    Today’s modern IT infrastructure is dynamic and ubiquitous—it exists in distributed data centers and in the cloud. Resources are spun up and scaled down. But without the right tool, it is easy to lose visibility into overall health. Oracle Management Cloud is designed to monitor your entire IT estate, on-premises or on the cloud, whether on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic. In this session learn how you can monitor applications across on-premises data centers and dynamic infrastructures, leveraging containers and microservices. Learn how Oracle Management Cloud can help you deliver better applications built on top of a dynamic modern infrastructure with specific integration for Oracle cloud services.

    Jagan Athreya, Senior Director, IT Analytics , Oracle

    Sachin Agarwal, Vice President, Product Management , Oracle


    Oracle Enterprise Manager: Engineered Systems Management Deep Dive [CON6227]

    Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c is the recommended tool for managing Oracle SuperCluster and Oracle MiniCluster infrastructure. In this session learn how to discover, monitor, and manage these engineered systems. Gain insight into monitoring and managing many aspects of infrastructure targets (servers, virtual machines, storage, and rack) to enable administrators to take proactive steps to improve application performance. In addition, learn about virtualization and database provisioning, scale up and scale down of database clusters, and optimization of resources.

    Sujeet Vasudevan , Oracle

    Prasad Pai , Oracle

    Harish Niddagatta, Senior Principal Product Manager , Oracle


    Implementing DBaaS with Oracle Enterprise Manager: PNC Bank Case Study [CON7089]

    The ability to deliver database services to a company in a fast, secure, and cost-effective manner is an critical part of being successful in today's highly demanding IT environments. Traditionally, the database administrator provides the database services businesses need to move forward, but resource constrains caused by manual approaches can hinder the ability to provide critical services in a timely manner, increasing business costs. Using Oracle Enterprise Manager, the database cloud administrator can remove the resource and infrastructure barriers and deliver database services dynamically to match supply with demand. This session provides information on how PNC architected, configured, and managed the estate using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

    Martin Pena, Senior Director, Product Management , Oracle

    Jeff Dubovecky, Sr Manager Infrastructure , PNC

    Michael Tziovannis, VP , Senior Platform Architect , PNC Financial Services Group


    Learn 10 New Things: Using Oracle Enterprise Manager with Oracle Management Cloud [CON7051]

    Enterprises, ranging from global corporations to local school districts, have made Oracle Enterprise Manager their solution for managing their Oracle Databases, middleware, and applications. In this session learn how Oracle Management Cloud when combined with Oracle Enterprise Manager provides DBAs, application administrators, and system administrators with new insights into performance, diagnostics, and capacity of your databases, applications, and infrastructure that you cannot get from Oracle Enterprise Manager alone.

    Debu Panda, Senior Director, Product Management , Oracle

    Joseph Kopilash, Sr Dir,Database , Epsilon Data Management LLC

    Tim Albrecht, Database Administrator , Wellsfargo


    Lift and Shift Apps to Oracle Cloud: Reduce Risk Using Oracle Management Cloud [CON7046]

    It's important to have a single pane of glass for managing your environment as you lift and shift your app workloads to Oracle IaaS and PaaS. Learn how Oracle Management Cloud helps improve visibility across your apps environment and reduces the risk of your journey to the cloud. Oracle Management Cloud helps baseline on-premises environment performance prior to moving to the cloud and then measures postmigration benefits. This session walks through a real scenario and provides best practices on how to gain key insights using Oracle Management Cloud as you start moving your app workloads to Oracle Cloud.

    Saroj Dash, Lead Oracle Cloud Centre of Excellence , Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

    Gagan Chawla , Oracle

    Juergen Fleischer , Oracle


    Manage Hybrid Clouds, Heterogeneous Infrastructure with Oracle Management Cloud [CON7201]

    This session explores Oracle Management Cloud’s heterogeneous management capabilities and includes a live demo that illustrates discovery, monitoring, and integration; virtualized infrastructures including VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V; management of Oracle infrastructure deployment both on-premises and in a cloud environment; network, storage, and load-balances inventory and topology; topology of heterogeneous and hybrid environments with Oracle infrastructures; troubleshooting and end-to-end topology visualization dashboards; APIs; and incident management.

    Prasad Pai , Oracle

    Zubair Ansari , Oracle


    JavaScript to SQL: Diagnose Application Issues Across a Hybrid Infrastructure [CON6914]

    As if troubleshooting application issues weren’t hard enough, our ambitions to transition applications to the cloud have just made things even more complex. Come to this session to hear how Oracle Management Cloud makes looking for that “needle in the haystack” easy and intuitive with application performance management (APM), without the need for multiple toolsets. ACE Director Lucas Jellema, from Oracle Partner AMIS, demonstrates how he deployed and uses Oracle Management Cloud against a complex hybrid architecture.

    Jurgen Leijer , Oracle


    Oracle Database Management: Continuous Data Refresh for DevOps [CON7044]

    Hybrid clouds are becoming standard for building next-generation SaaS applications, but they pose a challenge about how to run and manage database operations in both environments. Solutions from Oracle Database’s management service simplify coexistence and accelerate adoption of Oracle Cloud. They enable efficient, secure movement of data with unique predictability of performance throughput. In this session learn how to lift and shift data to Oracle Cloud Platform, eliminating CAPEX; reap benefits from transparently transferred monitoring configurations; maintain periodic synchronization of data with production; and provide “time travel” capabilities such as rewind/refresh.

    Bharat Paliwal , Oracle

    Subhadeep Sengupta , Oracle

    Harini Srinivasan , Oracle


    How End User Monitoring and Selenium Can Help Troubleshoot Customer issues [CON6912]

    Applications have become highly complex environments where many components are used for multiple purposes in a single environment. Application response and behavior can vary, depending on whether the application is being accessed from a browser, a mobile app, or another server. Come to this session to learn how Oracle Management Cloud, together with Selenium, can help you understand how geolocation, the mode of user access, and other parameters influence your application performance and customer experience. Get complete visibility into and understanding of what end users are doing and what impact that has on your application. Test and monitor such patterns in production in a scalable and easy way.

    Ashwin Karkala Hegde , Oracle

    Jurgen Leijer , Oracle


    Why Hybrid Clouds Demand a New Approach to Management and Security [SUN7219]

    Managing and securing hybrid cloud environments can be challenging because the hybrid environments also offer many siloed environment-specific tools that don't properly communicate with each other. The net result is increased complexity and human effort that causes either slower time-to-market or un-managed and insecure applications. In this session learn how a unified data platform, powered by machine learning, can provide complete visibility across your hybrid estate while not overburdening your operations and security staff.

    Jean pierre Van tiggelen , Oracle

    Tania Le Voi , Oracle


    Ensure a Successful Migration to the Cloud with Next-Generation Management [SUN7218]

    This session provides a prescriptive approach to successfully plan, execute, and operate a migration of applications and infrastructure to the cloud. Learn how to get on-premises performance from your applications all the way through the supporting stack, and compare how it runs in the cloud. Ensure environment consistency across the hybrid estate. Retain the same level of performance monitoring, alerting, and compliance through the migration process. The session also moves beyond comparisons and explores using machine learning to provide deep insight to rapidly troubleshoot and prevent outages.

    Dave Le Roy , Oracle

    Gagan Chawla , Oracle

    Juergen Fleischer , Oracle


    Deep Diagnostics: APM and Oracle Java Flight Recorder in Oracle Cloud [CON6916]

    The Oracle Java Flight Recorder feature of Oracle Java SE Advanced collects diagnostic and profiling data about a running Java application. It is integrated into the Java Virtual Machine and causes almost no performance overhead. Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service monitors all end users, requests, and sessions, down to the operation level. In this session see how Oracle Management Cloud and Oracle Java Flight Recorder enable you to diagnose application context at the deep Java Virtual Machine–event level to solve difficult application performance issues.

    Michael Avrahamov , Oracle

    John Sullivan , Oracle


    Using Oracle Management Cloud to Deliver Better Oracle Applications Experiences [CON7039]

    Oracle Applications and their infrastructure are at the heart of your business. These application environments are built on a mix of hardware, services, business-specific code, and infrastructure. In this session learn how Oracle Management Cloud enables you to see across the entire application environment from end user to database and get the information you need to solve problems quickly and delight your users.

    John Sullivan , Oracle

    Jen Hong, TECHNICAL MAANAGER , Stanford University

    Nima Haddadkaveh , Oracle


    Managing the Transition from On-Premises to Cloud: A Monitoring Primer/Case Study [CON7045]

    Now that you made the strategic decision to move your applications and databases to the cloud, you need to plan for a trouble-free and seamless migration. Depending on the size and complexity of your applications, this could be arduous process. Over decades operations teams have built up tools and knowledge for monitoring and diagnosing applications. In the cloud new skills and tools are necessary to handle the new cloud environment. Come to this session to hear about the best practices we have learned monitoring our SaaS environment with Oracle Management Cloud. Hear how Opower made a seamless transition to the cloud using Oracle Management Cloud.

    John Sullivan , Oracle

    Priya Gorur Jayaraman , Oracle


    Leveraging Logs When You Don’t Know What to Search For [CON7057]

    Aggregating, analyzing, and searching logs from across your data center is a significant improvement over traditional script-based analysis of logs. Searching through logs can be an easy way to find what you are looking for. In this session learn how to leverage machine learning techniques to find anomalies, identify potential problems, and use trend correlation for rapid problem troubleshooting. Learn how topology-aware log exploration can help correlate log events among the different components of the application.

    Rakesh Dhoopar, Vice President, Product Management , Oracle

    Nima Haddadkaveh , Oracle


    Troubleshoot Database and Exadata Problems: Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service [CON7052]

    Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service offers an easy way to monitor, aggregate, analyze, and correlate log events from across your database and Exadata environment. In this session learn how DBAs can easily configure log collection and efficiently analyze logs from your database environment to rapidly troubleshoot problems. Experience the power of machine learning techniques to rapidly identify anomalies that can lead to a problem’s root cause and eliminate finger pointing.

    Rakesh Dhoopar, Vice President, Product Management , Oracle

    Nima Haddadkaveh , Oracle


    Traffic and Performance Analytics and Cloud Bursting with Machine Learning [CON6279] - check back for upload

    You’ve moved Development to the DevOps model to become more agile, yet Operations is still a struggle, due to lack of insight into traffic and the performance of your Java applications. Come to this session to learn how machine learning can detect traffic anomalies and improve the performance of your application to optimize your customer experience. Learn how to predict capacity shortfall and identify your cloud-bursting periods through seasonality analysis to make sure you don’t run out of resources.

    Jagan Athreya, Senior Director, IT Analytics , Oracle


    Deep Dive Performance Analysis on Exadata for Modern DBAs [CON7049]

    This session provides 360–degree insight into Exadata performance. Learn how to identify and remediate common performance problems across your entire Exadata system, correlate Exadata-specific metrics in a single pane of glass, rapidly troubleshoot problems using Exadata logs, and analyze resource usage in order to gain insight into consumption patterns and utilization. Purpose-built machine learning provides early warnings about Exadata capacity, notices seasonal patterns in resource usage, and detects anomalies. This will help you improve application performance, improve Exadata utilization, and consolidate more database workloads on to Exadata.

    Courtney Llamas , Oracle

    Jagan Athreya, Senior Director, IT Analytics , Oracle

    John Scanlon, Database Administrator , Wellpoint


    Modern Database Management Using Machine Learning and Analytics [CON7076]

    Modern IT trends pose new challenges in database management. Databases exist on-premises and in the cloud, and these databases should support DevOps and business agility with the same management tools. Oracle Management Cloud introduces new and exciting capabilities to tackle database management challenges with modern IT. Oracle Management Cloud’s database management service provides a rich toolset to manage your entire database estate—in the cloud and on-premises. Learn how to use the database management service to migrate your database to the cloud, easily provision new services instances or use snap clones to support DevOps use cases, and managing by exception or as a fleet to perform day-to-day management tasks.

    Gp Gongloor, Senior Director, Product Management , Oracle

    Mughees Minhas, Vice President, Product Management , Oracle

    Jagan Athreya, Senior Director, IT Analytics , Oracle


    SQL Analytics: Using Automatic Workload Repository and Active Session History [CON7065]

    The Automatic Workload Repository and Active Session History features hold wealth of SQL performance data. SQL performance analytics leverages Automatic Workload Repository and Active Session History data and uses purpose-built machine learning to gain unique insights to SQL performance problems on a long-term dataset. In this session see how to recognize patterns of SQL performance issues across all your Oracle Databases; perform a historical, comparative analysis to find any SQL bottlenecks affecting enterprisewide database performance; identify trends of SQL performance over time; and see SQL performance anomalies and how to get to the root cause of the anomaly.

    Jagan Athreya, Senior Director, IT Analytics , Oracle

    Haranadh Poduri, Consulting Member of Technical Staff , Oracle


    Using Machine Learning to Manage Hybrid Database, Middleware, and Apps Estates [CON7059]

    Moving toward continuous or short-cycle delivery? Constantly rewiring your apps with microservice and similar architectures? How are you planning to maintain visibility and maximize service levels once this stuff gets into production? Coding instrumentation into your apps is time-consuming and error-prone. Instead, let machine learning do the work of adapting your monitoring to your fast-moving application environments. In this session learn about various types of machine learning that are optimized for operational data, and how they are leveraged to ensure your ops move as fast as the rest of your DevOps pipeline.

    Shailesh Dwivedi , Oracle