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    Catalog of Recent Ravello Podcasts, Videos and Blogs


    Blogs08/2018Aruna LakmalHow To Use Oracle Ravello Cloud Platform As A Training Platform
    06/2018Brandon LeeInstalling VMware vSphere ESXi 6.7 in Ravello Cloud Service
    Ryan ShellenbergerHow to install Nested ESXi 6.7 on Ravello
    05/2018Ronald de JongUpdating My SDDC on Ravello to vSphere and vSAN 6.7
    Vladan SegetHow-To Create a Training Class Through Ravello Training Platform
    Francisco Munoz APlaying with Oracle Ravello – Migrating your VMs to the Cloud
    Kim BottuTesting VSAN 6.7 network outages on Ravello is easy!
    04/2018Ian SandersonConnecting Oracle Ravello applications with VeeamPN and Elastic IP’s
    Ian SandersonQuick and Dirty – Settings to make ESXi 6.7 work on Oracle
    03/2018Kim BottuRAVELLO: Troubleshooting VSAN Network connectivity issues
    Raff PoltronierivSAN Lab on Ravello Part 1 & Part 2
    Vladan SegetHow To Run VMs in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure via Ravello Service on Separate Cloud Hosts
    Aruna LakmalOracle Ravello Cloud : Deploy Virtual Machine on Bare Metal Infrastructure
    Ian SandersonDeploy Nutanix CE 5.5 onto bare metal Oracle Ravello
    02/2018James BrownVMware CyberSecurity Testing on Ravello (ORC) Platform Part 1
    Ian SandersonDeploy VMware VCSA 6.5 onto bare metal Oracle Ravello
    Kim BottuRebuilding your lab in Ravello is easy and takes no time!
    01/2018Ronald de JongMy Lab environment in Ravello’s Cloud on bare metal

    Vladan SEGET

    Ravello Hardware Assisted Nested Virtualization And Bare-Metal Options For VMware VMs
    12/2017Martin RileyVMware Horizon Lab in Ravello Cloud
    11/2017Aruna LakmalNested Virtualization: Deploying VSAN on Oracle Ravello Cloud
    David DavisOracle’s Ravello Simplifies Public Cloud Migration In A Unique Way @OracleCloud
    Aruna LakmalNested Virtualization: Oracle Ravello Cloud – Infrastructure Technical Overview
    Iben RodriguezPerformance Comparisons of running Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure vs other Public Clouds
    10/2017Ryan ShellenbergerInstall Nested ESXi 6.5 on Ravello
    Kim BottuHow to setup a VSAN 6.6.1 test environment on Ravello
    Aruna LakmalNested Virtualization: Oracle Ravello Cloud Limitations and VCSA 6.5
    Aruna LakmalNested Virtualization: VCSA 6.5 deployment on Oracle Ravello Cloud
    09/2017Ather BegRavello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure goes GA!
    Robert VerdamRavello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    Michael PrestonRavello expanding HVX platform to bare metal
    Rich StroffolinoRavello on Oracle Cloud Moves to Production
    Tim SmithRavello on Oracle Cloud
    James BrownNew Bare-Metal Oracle Ravello Cloud Infrastructure Solution
    Josh CoenRavello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
    Max MortillaroRavello on Oracle Cloud Goes Bare Metal!
    Dan FrithOracle announces Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    Gareth EdwardsRavello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, times are a changing
    Podcasts04/2018TechUnpluggedOracle Ravello: Lift & Shift or gateway into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services – a discussion with Abhinav Gupta
    11/2017DatanutsRun VMware Apps In The Cloud With Ravello
    09/2017PacketPushersOracle Ravello’s Networking 2.0
    Videos04/2018TechUnpluggedAccelerate Dev/Test, Demos, PoCs and Training - Simon Law, Oracle Ravello Service
    12/2017vBrownBagRavello Build Day Live (condensed)
    12/2017vBrownBagRavello Build Day Live (Full version with interviews)
    11/2017ActualTech MediaInterview with Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    09/2017vBrownBagOracle Cloud and Ravello Systems Update