Oracle Eloqua: Configure & Calculate ROI

Version 10

    Marketing professionals spend a lot of time and effort to create compelling campaigns, manage lead scoring, and nurture qualified leads to pass to Sales. This is only possible with the help of Eloqua administrators, who aid marketing professionals by designing, defining, and maintaining the Eloqua install. In the first topic, Database Configuration, administrators learn how to configure website tracking, customize databases, set up users, and manage forms and emails.


    It is essential for modern marketers to know and prove whether their efforts are generating revenue. Oracle Eloqua's Closed-Loop Reporting (CLR) feature allows marketers to tie revenue back to the campaigns that generated it. In the second topic, Closed-Loop Reporting, marketers are introduced to the CLR journey from campaign creation, to lead management, to campaign measurement.

    The focus of this 1-day Oracle Eloqua: Configure and Calculate ROI course is to help customers design, define, and maintain the Oracle Eloqua install to create campaigns and measure their effectiveness. The two key topics covered in this course are:

    • Database Configuration
    • Closed-Loop Reporting


    Who Should Take This Course?

    This course is designed for any student interested in learning the skills needed to perform advanced marketing processes with Oracle Eloqua. To ensure full comprehension of the concepts covered in the course, all key tasks discussed in this course are supported with detailed demonstrations and hands-on exercises.



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