Leverage Oracle Database 12c Training and Certification in One Subscription

Version 2

    Oracle Database Upgrade Learning Subscription--Get the details here:


    As the Oracle Database moves to a continuous release model, new features will be added more rapidly than ever before. The Oracle Database Upgrade Learning Subscription has been designed to evolve as the database does so that you can keep your DBA skills up-to-date with the latest features and capabilities. Oracle experts provide insight on Oracle Database and related topics to keep you up-to-speed on all new Oracle Database features.


    Stay current with new functionalities for the entire year.

    • Access to subscription content that constantly evolves as the product changes.
    • Keep pace with new product releases in real-time, with no delays.
    • Challenge yourself over a 12-month period to expand your skill set, one area at a time.
    • Deep dive into Oracle 12c new features for DBA professionals to develop subject matter expertise.

    Certification exams are integrated into the subscription as well.  This allows you test along the way with built in skill checks, prepare with our technology lessons and then sit for exams to help recognize your expertise with an industry recognized Oracle certification.


    • Consume over 20 days worth of targeted lessons designed for database administrators and database architects and sit for two certification exams for one low cost.
    • Deep dive into database management, configuration, performance monitoring and Oracle 12c new features through expert-led on demand videos.
    • Engage with video content exactly when you need it by viewing topic-based learning channels.
    • Learn how to upgrade your database, while simultaneously becoming a more marketable candidate in a very competitive job market.


    Through guided video training, use cases and hands-on labs, this Oracle Database training will help you develop a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully upgrade.


    Learn more about Oracle Database 12c Upgrade and Certification offerings from Oracle University.