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    Welcome to your Oracle Solaris Installation, Booting and Patching Community.

    This community has been set up and is being moderated by Oracle. We hope you have a great experience here and are easily able to find what you need to address your issues for this community topic.

    We would like to invite everyone to use this collaborative community to field any questions, or comments related to Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Software. Users? Administrators? All are invited to ask and answer questions, and add to this collective knowledgebase.

    If you are new to the Oracle Support Communities, check out the MOS Getting Started Community. If you have any general questions on using the Support Communities or wish to provide any feedback, please post them to My Oracle Support - Community Suggestions. Please make sure to review the Community Rules of Conduct before posting in the Communities.

    Collectively with your help, we can leverage each other's knowledge and experience and establish a valuable community of experts. We hope, that as a participant, you will become intimately involved with helping others as well as receiving help for issues that you post.

    Thanks for your participation and welcome to YOUR community!!!


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