Earn Your First MOSC Badge!

Version 12

    Welcome to the My Oracle Support Community!  To become more comfortable and acclimate yourself to the community, we encourage you to participate in the "MOSC Welcome Aboard" challenge. By completing all of the steps listed below, you will be rewarded with our "Welcome" badge and become familiar with many key places, content, and features commonly used in the community.  You'll also receive a healthy boost to your community reputation!


    How to Earn Your First MOSC Badge
       (Note: Steps below can be completed in any order)



      1. Update Your Community Display Name and Avatar
          • To help others best identify with your community profile, we ask that all users update their display name and choose an avatar image. Follow the steps in this document to complete this objective.  (Note: If you have already changed your display name to something other than the default, "digits-only" value, then you do not have to do so again. You do, however, need to modify your avatar to complete this step of the challenge, even if you have changed it in the past.)

      2. Join the Welcome to MOSC social group!
          • Become a member of this group to stay updated on MOSC-related information and exciting content. This is also a great place to meet other new community members!

          • To join, select the "Join this group" button at the top right of the main group's overview page.

      3. "Like" two replies within the community
        • Throughout the community, many users post questions and start discussions. Within these threads, users can reply to provide answers, feedback, or additional questions to an original post.
        • Navigate to any community thread and like two different replies/messages.

      4. "Vote" on two ideas in the community
        • Ideas are created in many MOSC product spaces, allowing customers the opportunity to suggest new product ideas or provide feedback on existing functionality.

        • Find two ideas that you find interesting and vote on them!
        • To vote, click the up or down arrow next to the vote number.
        • We acknowledge that not all product spaces have implemented the "ideas" functionality.  If ideas do not exist within your product spaces of interest, you may vote on ideas submitted in the *Rewards and Recognition (MOSC) and/or Community Feedback (No Product Questions) spaces.

      5. Bookmark this document: How to Find the Right Space in Which to Post Your Product Question
        • Bookmarking content helps you more easily find the items that matter most to you.
        • Navigate to the specific document hyperlinked above and click the "bookmark" button located on the right side:
        • Once bookmarked, the button will read "Bookmarked" and the number next to the button will increase:
        • We highly encourage all users to read this document!  It is important to understand how spaces and sub-spaces are organized in the My Oracle Support Community, and where to post your product questions.

      6. Introduce Yourself!
        • Navigate to the Welcome to MOSC social group and introduce yourself!
        • Perform these steps to add to our "welcome registry":

        • Answer the following questions in your post:
          • Where are you located?
          • What kind of work/study are you currently doing?
          • What Oracle product do you use (E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Database, etc.)?
          • Share one fun fact about yourself! (this could be a favorite movie, favorite food, a fun hobby, etc.)


      1. Visit the *Rewards and Recognition (MOSC) space and "Like" a blog post
        • Each month, community members who have risen a level in reputation are honored here in our Certificate Earners blog.  Find a recent blog post and "Like" it.  Here's how:
          • Click the "Content" menu item and filter the results by "Blog Posts".
          • From the filtered list, choose any of the "Congratulations...." blog posts to open and view.
          • "Like" the blog post.



      1. Log in / return to the My Oracle Support Community on five different days
        • This part of the mission auto-completes when you have successfully logged into MOSC on five different calendar dates.  We hope to see you soon, and often!





    Once all of the above steps have been completed, you will receive the "MOSC Welcome Aboard" badge!


    You can follow incremental progress on completion by navigating to View Profile > Reputation > Missions, then look for the "MOSC Welcome Aboard" mission in the display.  Click the lower right corner of the mission tile to see progress on the individual mission components.