How to be a Community Star: Six Behaviors to Promote MOSC Success

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    Want to be a true community star?  Follow these six simple behaviors to improve your overall experience (and that of others!) in MOSC.




    When YOU are the thread creator, mark replies Correct and Helpful whenever appropriate


    By marking replies to your questions correct or helpful, you make it easier for community members to find replies that might help them in a similar situation.  Replies that are marked "Correct" are copied to the top of the thread, allowing other community viewers of that same question to find the "best" answer quickly.  In addition, you are acknowledging and rewarding the member who took the time to post the reply, thus increasing that member's community reputation. 


    Sometimes you may receive many replies to your question, all of which provide additional insight to a solution approach.  In those cases, be a good community custodian and designate users' replies as "Helpful".  This, too, acknowledges fellow members for helping you arrive at the solution to your problem, and allows other readers to identify pieces of the overall solution (or alternative solutions) that may be of assistance to them.


    For more details on how to mark replies "Correct" and "Helpful", as well as how to identify correct and helpful replies in a thread, please see this knowledge base document.


    LIKE the good replies made by other members of the community


    Whether you are the creator of a thread or not, you have the ability to mark the replies of your fellow community members as "Liked".  This is fantastic way for the broader community to "crowdsource" the best responses to a particular question.  When you are reviewing threads in your area of interest, take a moment to LIKE replies by other users that you agree with, or that you find enlightening, inspired, or particularly noteworthy.


    Here's a fun fact: Threads with a greater number of LIKES are ranked more highly in the results returned when users search the "Community" search source in the My Oracle Support knowledge base.  By liking content, you are rewarding users who provide value responses and you are helping to bring particular threads to prominence in My Oracle Support searches.


    Personalize your community display name


    Become more than just a number, and take a few moments to change your display name to something more memorable!  Other community members will find it easier to remember you, and they will find it more rewarding to reply to your questions.   In lengthy threads in which multiple users are responding, it is far easier to remember who said what when all the participants have distinct identities.  The community simply runs more smoothly, and is far more engaging, when the individuals within it show some personality.


    For more information on changing your community display name, avatar, and profile images, see this document:  Update Your Community Display Name and Avatar!


    Be kind and respectful of your fellow community members, and remain fully engaged in the solution-finding process


    Above all, be appreciative of the very hard work our community members put in to helping one another!  While the community is moderated by Oracle Support personnel, many of our finest contributors are dedicated customers who participate here simply because they have a desire to help others.  A little thanks goes a very long way, and actively showing your appreciation is the best way to get fast attention to your next question! 


    As well, be actively engaged in the process to find an answer to your question.  Respond promptly to follow-up or clarifying questions, and let respondents know when something they have suggested works.  Always keep in mind that good community karma will pay off in the end; the more respectful you are of our members' time and effort, the more likely you will be to get continued prompt assistance.


    Refrain from entering personally identifiable and/or sensitive information in your discussions


    Although the My Oracle Support Community is securely gated and available only to customers tied to paid support contracts, it never hurts to use common sense when it comes to exposing certain types of information to the internet.  Refrain from including links to external URLs, email addresses, passwords, corporate details, IP addresses, service request and CSI numbers, and similar information in your threads and thread responses.   As well, when uploading screen captures and images to the community, be sure to review each one fully to ensure that no sensitive information is shown.  This is for the protection of all of Oracle's valued customers.


    To review the complete community Rules of Conduct, see this document.


    Tag your questions with appropriate keywords


    Adding intelligent tags to your questions and discussions will enhance community members' ability to find threads of interest in community content searches.   When creating a thread or document, always consider "what search terms might I use in the future to search for this content or other related content?"  Then take a moment to add those tags to your thread.   Your item will receive a boost in searches executed by users looking for that same keyword or key phrase.  Additionally, you can browse all content in the community that is associated with a specific tag (e.g., "ebs payables", "database performance", "peoplesoft eprocurement", etc.)


    For additional information and guidelines on tagging community content, see this document.




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