June 2018 User of the Month!

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    Congratulations to our June 2018 user of the month, ChristyH-Oracle! Christy is a Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer with Oracle, based out of Denver, Colorado. She currently works in Proactive Support, but used to support the Distribution modules for JD Edwards. Christy is one of our community champions, helping manage the JDEdwards EnterpriseOne (MOSC) and JDEdwards World (MOSC) spaces and their subsequent product sub-spaces. We thank Christy for all of her hard work and contributions in the My Oracle Support Community!



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    Christy was gracious enough to spend some time answering a few "fun fact" questions about her involvement in the My Oracle Support Community! Read below to learn more.


    Q: When did you first join the My Oracle Support Community, and what prompted you to join?

    A: I joined MOS Communities in September 2013, when I was given the role of MOSC Champion for EnterpriseOne. The role was new and just starting to develop, but it was great timing because I was able to be involved in testing the Jive platform before we switched over.


    Q: What are your top 3 most frequently visited spaces/subspaces in MOSC?

    A: I mainly hang out in the Distribution - JDE1 (MOSC) and Manufacturing - JDE1 (MOSC)  spaces. But, I also maintain the JDE EnterpriseOne Support Blog and JD Edwards World Support Blog.


    Q: In your reply to our Introduce Yourself! document, you shared some information about your role as a Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer at Oracle. In what ways does MOSC positively impact your role?

    A: I am no longer taking SRs on a daily basis, but this helps me stay in contact with the customers and make sure I am “in the know” about questions being raised in our product space.


    Q: Aside from your passion for puppy photography, do you have any other fun hobbies or facts to share about yourself?

    A: After 12 years I just adopted a new puppy from Colorado Puppy Rescue. That means after seeing over 14,000 puppies come through our organization, one finally stole my heart. You can also check out the website that I redesigned last year for the organization www.coloradopuppy.org.

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    Thank you, ChristyH-Oracle, for all of your wonderful participation and leadership throughout the My Oracle Support Community!