August 2018 User of the Month!

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    Congratulations to our August 2018 user of the month, StevanP-Oracle! Steve is a Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer with Oracle, based out of Reston, Virginia. Steve works in the Proactive Support Group on automation projects, knowledge base management, community moderation, and security issues. Steve is also one of our MOSC champions, providing helpful contributions and support to our community. He has been working with the Siebel (MOSC) product line for over 17 years! We want to thank Steve for all of his excellent work and leadership in the My Oracle Support Community!









    To learn more about Steve, we asked him a few questions about his involvement in the My Oracle Support Community, and of course, we had him throw in some fun facts too .


    Q: When did you first join the My Oracle Support Community?

    A: I have been with the MOS Community pretty much since the beginning (my profile says I joined in September 2007) and I was active in OTN prior to that.  Initially I was active as a general contributor from the Siebel Support Delivery Organization, but after moving to the Proactive Support Delivery organization in 2013 or 2014, I took on a larger role as a space owner, moderator, and blogger for Siebel.  After the major reorganization following the closure of most European support centers, my responsibilities within the PSD team shifted and I was less involved in the communities until late 2017 / early 2018 when responsibilities shifted again and I took on the champion role for the Siebel spaces. I have been increasingly active in a moderator / champion role and really enjoy interacting with people in MOSC.


    Q: How often do you visit the community and what are the top places you most frequently visit?

    A: I visit the communities at least once per day to check on the various Siebel (MOSC) sub-spaces.  I also frequently check the New Member spaces as well as some of the various security related spaces (my area of focus prior to moving to PSD).  I think it is important that people – especially Oracle employees – visit some of the MOSC spaces outside of their specific area so that they can see what other groups are doing with the platform.


    Q: What are three words you would use to describe MOSC?


    • Underutilized – At least in Siebel we are still working to drive higher levels of customer and engineer engagement.  Some sub-spaces (particularly the OpenUI space) are doing pretty well, but there is room for even better participation.  It is a great platform and I wish more people would use it!
    • Helpful – Customers who are using the communities are getting quality advice in a timely manner from some of the best Siebel experts available without having to go through the SR process. Also, the community allows our customers to more easily tap the expertise of key individuals across product areas – something that will become even more useful as more customers move to Cloud based solutions and tighter integration of ALL their Oracle products.
    • Lively – Some of the recent efforts by the MOSC team to try and really build a community feel are starting to pay off.


    Q: Any fun facts to share about yourself?

    A: I live in the Northern Virginia area with my wife Johnise and our two dogs Biscuit and Crumpet.  For the last 15 years I have served my local community as a volunteer paramedic and currently am the Assistant Chief of my department as well as a Nationally Certified EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Educator.  I enjoy helping people on 9-1-1 calls and also teaching the next generation of EMTs and Paramedics.


    Prior to coming to Siebel (and later being acquired by Oracle), I worked for a company that specialized in providing CRM software to the U.S. Congress and White House. In that role, I got to spend time on “the Hill” working with Congressional offices.  It was very eye opening and, yes, the navy bean soup in the Senate cafeteria really is as good as people say it is!


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