September 2018 User of the Month!

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    Congratulations to our September 2018 user of the month, handat! Handat is currently a consultant, and has also done some work as an instructor. He is based out of Sydney, Australia. Handat's primary focus is with Middleware (MOSC), but also works with Oracle Database (MOSC) products. Handat just recently hit a huge MOSC milestone, achieving the "Titan" reputation level with 150,000 points (learn more by visiting our *Rewards and Recognition (MOSC) space)! We greatly appreciate all of Handat's contributions and support throughout the My Oracle Support Community.






    We wanted to learn more about Handat, so he graciously participated in a Q&A session.


    Q: When did you first join the My Oracle Support Community?

    A: I joined MOSC/OTN in 2010 after Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle and I became an Oracle employee. Initially, I did not use it much but started active participation in 2015 mainly in the Middleware (MOSC) sub spaces, particularly Identity Management (MOSC) as well as Oracle Weblogic Server (MOSC) (in both MOSC and OTN).


    Q: How often do you visit the community and what are the top places you most frequently visit?

    A: I usually visit the communities at least once per day if my work load allows me to, sometimes more often than that, but at other times I won't come online for several weeks. When very busy I just check the Identity Management (MOSC) space, but when I have time, I often browse the other sub spaces under Middleware (MOSC) and Oracle Database (MOSC).


    Q: What are some of the primary use cases for why you utilize the My Oracle Support Community? 

    A: Working as a consultant, I need to advise clients on what to do and what to avoid as well as troubleshoot their problems. Looking at problems and solutions that users on MOSC encounter helps me to steer clients towards the right path.


    Q: Any fun facts to share about yourself?

    A: I live in the beautiful city of Sydney in Australia and have been calling it home for over two decades. As part of my job, I had to travel a lot and been to many places all around the world. I love food and my job allowed me to taste the authentic local cuisines of the places I have been to. In addition to that, I love LEGO and collect and build quite of lot.

    *If you have not already viewed handat's profile, we highly encourage you to do so. He has some very impressive photos of his lego masterpieces!