Global User Group Initiatives

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    Global User Group Initiatives

    Opportunities for User Groups to Capitalize on the Shift to Cloud, Modern Cloud Development and Emerging Technologies


    Three Initiatives Create New Opportunities for User Groups


    Cloud has changed the IT industry, with customers having fundamentally different needs and expectations from software vendors than traditional on premise solutions.  This evolution influences user groups and communities, and creates new opportunities for user groups to increase relevance and sustainability.  This document provides an overview of three initiatives that align with common trends in the industry and create a foundation for user groups to grow: Path to Cloud, Modern Cloud Development and Expanded Community Experiences.



    Path to Cloud


    Help your members understand how Cloud can deliver breakthrough value to their On Premise investments.



    Learn from free education and training materials available to you and your members:


    Content is available for the following categories:

    Oracle Cloud (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS)

    Oracle Database

    Oracle Systems


    Java Programming

    Oracle Middleware

    Oracle Applications

    Oracle Industries


    Help your members protect their Oracle Investments:


    Do not put your software at risk

    Demand answers when evaluating third-party software support


    Is Your Software Vulnerable to Cybercrime?
    As the threat of cybercrime continues to accelerate, customers must understand how to protect their companies from risk. Hear from Oracle’s Juan Jones, Senior Vice President, Global Support Renewal Sales, on the potential risks and vulnerabilities of third-party support and self-maintenance of your Oracle software investments. Take a few minutes to
    learn more from this webcast.

    Take advantage of these monthly webcasts to ensure your members optimize the value of their Oracle Support contracts:


    Please also check the details and recording of a recent call in December 2018 with the Application Unlimited Team.


    Find more information here.


    Motivate and mobilize your members to share their Cloud stories – it’s what Oracle customers are asking to hear! There are 4 ways your members can share their stories and create more visibility for your groups:


    • Peer reviews: Write a review or rate a product. Peer reviews are a top source of information for prospects, helping you to expand your reach.
    • Cloud Hub: Engage in a gamified advocacy platform to demonstrate expertise and promote your brand.
    • Value realization: Engage your membership in Cloud assessment interviews to produce Cloud Benchmark Reports (ERP cloud example
    • Or connect with the user group team by email




    Modern Cloud Development


    Engage your members in developer initiatives and utilize Oracle free Cloud trials



    Step Up to Modern Cloud Development


    The following Step Up to Modern Cloud Development document provides you a quick overview of the 8 technology areas critical to developers.  Oracle is interested in promoting your members’ use cases in these areas.


    Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassadors have expertise in modern development areas such as cloud, microservices, containers, Java, DevOps, continuous delivery, open source technologies and SQL/NoSQL databases. Find out more here and connect with the developer groundbreakers today!




    Following Code One San Francisco, you can access all the on-demand videos of the keynotes and content sessions, and to access the content sessions’ decks, you can go to the Content Session Catalog.


    Try the Cloud Trials


    Cloud trials are critically important in enabling members to try, apply and evaluate Cloud offerings. Promote the following URL with your members and peers and help us demonstrate the scale of the global user group community.  More information on the trial program was delivered via a global call with user groups in September.


    Start a Meetup


    Our FY19 Developer Meetup Campaign can help support your developer meetups by offering to fund up to $500 USD for food and beverage, for user groups and customers that want to speak on one or more of the following eight technology focus areas, Oracle Cloud and promote the cloud trials:

    • Programming Languages and Frameworks
    • Containers, Microservices, and APIs
    • DevOps
    • Databases
    • Open Source
    • Development Tools and Low Code Platforms
    • Emerging Trends and Technologies
    • Mobile and Chatbots

    We are happy to help support your next event. Simply complete the Developer Meetup Request Form to get started.  We will promote your meetup from our Twitter and WeChat accounts, post on a central Oracle page, and have relevant Oracle teams promote through their channels.


    Expanded Community Experience


    Engage in Oracle’s communities to increase your reach, expand your social capital, highlight your expertise and attract new members



    Go digital. Tap into Oracle’s communities to keep up to date on the rapid innovation and release cycles.


    Cloud Customer Connect (CCC) is our premier cloud community specifically designed to:

    • Enable direct engagement with Cloud Product Management teams
    • Provide content on product strategy and roadmaps, release notes, and features and functionality
    • Provide a feedback channel directly to Oracle development teams, including Cloud enhancement requests
    • Participate in online events, office hours and Cloud Café’s
    • Accelerate peer-to-peer collaboration  and engagement


    Please also check a recent webinar on Cloud Customer Connect:

    recorded webinar


    Influence Cloud Roadmaps


    Contribute to Forums or Idea Labs on IaaS & PaaS, by registering and requesting a free Technology account.


    Note that contributions to SaaS ideas and forums can only be made by subscribed customers.  All of your SaaS members already access.


    Write Peer-to-Peer Reviews

    Increase awareness of your groups by having your members share their Oracle experiences on the external peer to peer review site:

    Notable reviews will be promoted on:


    Leadership on Cloud Customer Hubs

    Showcase your members’ thought leadership, hear from other customers as they share their cloud journey, and be first to know about what's happening with Oracle Cloud. Your members can join the Oracle Cloud Hubs today using their Oracle SSO account. Learn more about the Oracle Cloud Customer Hubs and have your members participate today!


    Participate in Cloud Benchmark Reports

    Customers live on ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud and CX Cloud (Marketing, Sales, Service, CPQ, Commerce) have the opportunity to share the business benefits realized through interviews with Oracle experts. Results are highlighted in Cloud Benchmarking reports. Connect with your community manager or email the team for more information.


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    Leverage your member experiences in your events


    Developing use cases with your members through the above channels will help your user group to build a strong user story portfolio that can be plugged into your events and can evolve your events from “Education” to “Demonstration”.


    Quick Links to User Group Resources

    Please refer to the resources below if you need support from Oracle:

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