November 2018 User of the Month!

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    Congratulations to our November 2018 user of the month, Andrea Seale-Oracle! Andrea is a Senior Principal Technical Support Analyst here at Oracle, and is one of our My Oracle Support Community moderators, helping lead several of the Oracle E-Business Suite (MOSC) subspaces. We want to thank Andrea for her consistent and helpful support throughout the EBS subspaces! Her hard work and devotion to the community is exemplified through her high community ranking and active contributions.












    Q: When did you first join the My Oracle Support Community?

    A:  I have been on the MOSC community since its inception,  I believe this was 09/2010?! Wow time files, 10 year celebration soon!!


    Q: Which subspace(s) do you help moderator, and what is your favorite part about being a MOSC moderator?

    A: I moderate the EBS HCM Communities:

    Being able to highlight what is happening in the world of these products, seek answers to questions that have been posted, guide and help control the traffic on the community are my favorite parts of being a moderator.


    Q: If you could share 1 useful community tip to new users, what would it be?

    A: Dive in! See what is posted in the spaces where you have product expertise.  Vote and contribute to the Ideas on the spaces. When you share and help others, others share with and help you.

    Q: Can you share any fun facts about yourself?
    A: eh? Loonie, Toonie, Canuck. , Double Double.  Yes, I am Canadian, and love poutine, Tourtiere, Beavertails (look it up) all things that even have an essence of  maple syrup.  But, I am not all sweet, I love savoury.  Cooking, not baking, is something that I enjoy.  I am a foodie at heart.