January 2019 User of the Month!

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    Congratulations to our January 2019 user of the month, BrunoVroman! Bruno is an Oracle DBA at a financial company in Brussels, Belgium. Bruno provides helpful contributions across many of the My Oracle Support Community subspaces, especially within the Oracle Database (MOSC) line of business. Bruno currently holds the "Superhero" community ranking, attesting to his  dedication, support, and thoughtful collaborations. We want to thank Bruno for his exceptional participation within the My Oracle Support Community!








    Q: What company do you work for and what is your role there?

    A: I work for a financial company in Brussels as an Oracle DBA for more than 10 years now; before this I used to work as external consultant or internal employee in various sectors (industry, telecom, automotive...). The funniest time has been to work for the automotive sector (five years around 2000 and the fear of Y2K bug): main application was taking care of "Customer Assistance Centre for Europe for one of the main German brands"; the database was "easy to comprehend", with tables like "vehicles", "drivers", "dealers", "incidents"... but this was a real 24x7 environment so the stress was high

    Q: When did you first start using Oracle? 
    A: I studied mathematics -decades ago- and was fond of "pure maths" like logic and algebra, then I discovered IT with a FORTRAN course and an amazing teacher (we still have contacts once a year, nearly 40 years later). I enjoyed it a lot, seeing this as "applied logic"; I turned to applied mathematics, studying computer science after my maths degree, and I started working as developer in C and C-Isam; shortly after I worked with Oracle 6 and later I became a DBA. Sometimes I am afraid to see that some people seem to prefer to ask a question than to search (and these ones are not interested in understanding the solution, they just want it, and ASAP) but I remember that I've been a beginner and being kind with newbies and transmitting knowledge is important -and teaching how to fish is better than giving a fish.

    Q: What are the top subspaces you most frequently visit in the My Oracle Support Community?
    A: PL/SQL (MOSC), SQL Performance (MOSC), Database Tuning (MOSC). I like questions involving logic and some mathematics.

    Q: What is one fun/interesting fact about yourself?

    A: A vegan friend contributed to open my eyes -he will be delighted to read this- and I eat less and less meat, and my children (adults and living their lives) are now vegetarians -or nearly. There are several reasons, like concern about climate change and compassion towards animals... Only small stones, but even the Great Wall of China is made of stones.


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