How to Access Free OMC Training

Version 5

    You can access some courses from Oracle University’s Oracle Marketing Cloud’s learning subscription for free using an Oracle account. The free courses will help you to learn basics about Oracle Marketing Cloud solutions and evaluate the type of training that is available with a complete digital subscription. To access the free courses available, follow the steps outlined below:

    • Create an Oracle Single Sign-on (SSO) account. To do so, visit, then click Training and select Cloud Subscriptions.


    • Click Log In and then click Create an account. The Create your Oracle Account page is displayed. If you already have an Oracle account, you can use it here. Many clients, partners, and employees will already have an account, but if you are new to Oracle, you can easily create an account for free.


    • To create an Oracle account, you need to enter an email address.  Please use an email address you have access to, as you will need to authorize this account via the email address you enter.
    • Enter all the required fields and click Create Account.
    • You will receive an email verifying that your account has been created.



    • Validate your email address.
    • Now, you can use your credentials to login and access the free courses. So, let's proceed to see how you can access free courses for the following products.
    • To access the learning subscriptions for the respective products, right-click the buttons below and choose to open the destination URL in a new tab.


    ProductLink to Access the Subscription
    Oracle Responsys

    View Courses in_CTA_Oracle Responsys.png

    Right-click the button and choose to open the destination URL in a new tab.

    Oracle Content Marketing

    iew Courses_CTA_Oracle-Content-Marketing.png

    Right-click the button and choose to open the destination URL in a new tab.

    Oracle BlueKai

    View Courses in_CTA_Oracle BlueKai.png

    Right-click the button and choose to open the destination URL in a new tab.


    • You will see the entire library of courses, but you will only be able to watch courses that state FREE on them.
    • Under the Display By filter and select Free. All Free courses and learning paths for the respective solution will show on the page.


    • You will now only see the courses which are free to watch.
    • Click the blue ribbon with the course name to view the course.


    • Learning paths are made of multiple courses. The screenshot here shows the free learning paths and courses from the Oracle Responsys learning subscription. Here, the Mobile App Implementation learning path, there are 6 courses which are free to view.
    • Click the blue course name to view the course.


    • You will be asked to SIGN IN to your Oracle Account.
    • Click SIGN IN. You will be redirected and asked to sign in using your Oracle SSO Account.



    • Click Sign in.
    • Your course will open. You must select the first module on the left, which has an empty circle, to play the video.
    • The play button in the main window won’t play unless you select the module on the left.
    • Follow these steps to view the free courses that you want to check out from Oracle Marketing Cloud subscriptions.