Creating a Zone in Dyn Standard DNS

Version 3

    Dyn Standard DNS zones are created on a per-instance basis. You will purchase Dyn Standard DNS for each domain name you wish to have served by Dyn Standard DNS. The following steps will guide you through the purchasing process for Dyn Standard DNS.


    1.  Log into your Dyn account.
    2.  Click Add Zone/Domain Services.Add Zone/Domain Services
    3.  Use the following information to complete the Add Zone Services form:


    Domain Name: Name of the domain for which you are creating Dyn Standard.

    Note: Only input the domain name (e.g.,; or will not work if they are used.

    Name Registration Selections

      • Register a new domain name: Lets you purchase a domain name that currently doesn’t exist.
      • Transfer an existing domain: Select this option if your domain exists with another registrar (ex. Go Daddy, etc) and you wish to transfer it to Dyn. By selecting this option, this process will renew the domain name for a one-year period (or the minimum registration time) after the transfer has happened.
      • None, keep in other provider account: Select this option if your domain is already registered with us or some other provider.

    DNS Selections

        • Dyn Standard DNS: This is what you’re setting up, so leave it selected.

    Email Routing

          • Dyn Email Backup MX: This service receives mail for your domain during any mail server downtime, keeps a backup for ten (10) days, and attempts to automatically redeliver to a primary MX.
          • Dyn Email Gateway: This service lets you run your own mailserver while Dyn filters and scans your mail with SpamAssassin and DNS-based blacklists, automatically discarding the bad stuff like viruses. It also includes backup queuing for when your server goes down unexpectedly.
          • Dyn Email Forward: Accept and forward mail without needing to run your own mail server with the ability to set up forwarding rules and more. This also includes spam, virus and DNSBL filtering, unlimited email aliases and more.
          • I have other plans for email routing: In other words, you’re all set with email services from Dyn.


    When the form has been completed, click Continue to advance to the next step.

    Add Zone Services
    4.  Check to ensure that your new Dyn Standard DNS naming is correct.

    Requested Domains

    • The domain(s) you have requested to create Dyn Standard DNS service for are listed here. NOTE: Check to ensure they are spelled correctly as Dyn Standard DNS instances cannot have their associated domain name modified after purchase.

    Dyn Standard DNS

    • This box will confirm that Dyn Standard DNS is available for the name(s) you requested.
    • Check the box that you understand that Standard DNS will not function unless there is a domain name registered that matches the name you created the service for, and that you are able to modify the name server delegation to your forthcoming new name servers.

    Health Check

    • Dyn Health Check will send email alerts when your host is not available. It is a $20.00 per year additional fee for peace of mind.


    When the confirmation step has been completed, click "Continue" to advance to the next step.

    Standard DNS Confirmation Screen
    5.  Purchase your new Dyn Standard DNS. After completing the checkout process, you can add or modify zone records to your new instance. A zone becomes active on the edge in approximately 10 to 20 minutes.Shopping Cart with Standard DNS