How to report on multi-step and simple email campaigns?

Version 2

    A common question I get is how can I report on simple email campaigns and multi step email campaigns separately?.


    As far as I am aware this is not possible via Insight, but it is possible via the API. You can use the retrieve a list of campaigns call to find all campaigns. The campaign object contains a "campaignCategory" which can be searched on by adding a search parameter to the call.


    The campaignCategory works per this instruction:


    "Must be specified by id. 1 being a contact campaign, 2 being an emailMarketing campaign."…


    You can create something like this to find only multi step campaigns or "contact" campaigns



    And then this to find only simple email campaigns or "emailMarketing" campaigns



    If you are new to the REST API please note that the p06 needs to be changed to whichever pod you are on.


    Hope that helps