How to Ask a Good Question in MOSC

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    How to Ask a Good Question in MOSC


    Search first

    • Oftentimes, community members have similar questions. Therefore, be sure to Search in the Community for already asked questions before starting a new discussion or asking a new question.


    If your question does not yet exist, ask it in the appropriate subspace

    • If you cannot find content in the community related to your question that already exists, then proceed to ask a new question.

    • Do not just post your question in any space, but be thoughtful about where you are asking your question.
    • Consider which Oracle product your question most closely relates to, and then navigate to the product subspace that best relates to your inquiry.

      We encourage community members to reference this resource: How to Find the Right Space in Which to Post Your Product Question

    Post your question once and only once

    • As stated in the Oracle Community Guidelines, the community prohibits the act of posting the same question in multiple areas (double posting).
    • Select only one area in which to post your question, so that answers can easily be tracked and found through search.
    • Multiple or duplicate posts may be locked or removed by Community Administrators.
    • We encourage users to use the Shout Out to People, Places, and Content (the @mention) feature, where you can @mention another subspace within your one post/question, alerting those following the other subspace of your question. This can help widen your audience, while still only posting one question in one subspace.


    Add a title that summarizes the specific problem

    • The title of your thread is the first thing that others will see.
    • Keep the title concise and straight to the point, but do not be so vague that it is hard to determine what the post is about.
    • Make it apparent that your thread is a question or a discussion.
    • Examples:
      • Bad: "Customer Asking a Question"
      • Good: "How do I connect to 12c Database instance?"
      • Bad: "Error with Uploading a File"
      • Good: "Receiving a 'Bad Format' error when attempting to upload Vertex Tax file"


    Provide as many details as possible

    • State your precise question - What is it that you are asking?
    • Include details to help Oracle experts provide you with assistance - What product/version does your question relate to? What exact error are you experiencing? What have you already tested?


    Be careful with personally-identifiable and customer-identifiable information

    • Refrain from including any details that could allow others to identify you or your corporate system.  This includes email addresses, Service Request numbers, phone numbers, IP/MAC addresses, etc.
    • Pay special attention to images/screen captures that you might include to illustrate your problem.


    Respond to replies!

    • If another community member (customer or Oracle employee) replies to your question, respond back!
    • If you were asked a question, provide an answer.
    • If a reply was helpful or correct, mark it accordingly!
    • If you figured out the answer to your question, share it with the rest of the Community.

    Give yourself a Community identity

    • You wouldn't walk into a meeting with a bag over your head, right? We didn't think so. Think of your community profile as your online identity. Make your profile personable to enhance your interactions on the community.
    • Update Your Community Display Name and Avatar. This will help others more easily identify you.


    Be respectful

    • The community should be a welcoming place for all members to ask questions, share ideas, and start discussions.
    • Be kind, be polite, and be friendly.
    • Remember that behind every community profile is a real person.


    Thank you to the Cloud Customer Connect Community for originally authoring these excellent guidelines!


    Comments/replies to this document have been turned off as of 24-JUL-2019. If you need assistance, please contact the MOSC team.