CX Audience: Fundamentals

Version 4

    CX Audience is a new product from Oracle that provides superior segmentation and analysis capabilities and can be used in a wide range of marketing application products. This new turbo-charged segmentation and analysis tool, which is enhanced with data management functionalities, combines behavioral and profile data to create segments and targets. CX Audience comes equipped with an intuitive and easy-to use UI that brings powerful segmentation capabilities within the reach of marketers for the very first time, a seamless integration with Oracle Data Cloud that allows for targeting, that combines first-party and third-party data and rich analysis capabilities for both pre- and post-campaign evaluation.


    CX Audience.png


    This course will provide an overview of the features and functionalities of CX Audience and will take you around 30 minutes to complete.


    Benefits to You

    •    Understand the power behind CX Audience and examine the primary features and functionalities
    •    Examine the process for implementing and using CX Audience



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