June 2019 User of the Month!

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    Congratulations to our June 2019 user of the month, Madhavi Kaza-Oracle! Madhavi has been very active in the Oracle Engagement Cloud (MOSC) product subspace, promptly responding to support inquiries and providing helpful solutions. Please join us in thanking Madhavi for her contributions in the My Oracle Support Community.









    Q: What is your role at Oracle?

    A: I am Sr Principal Support Engineer and I work in Oracle Engagement Cloud support. My role at Oracle primarily is to provide technical support to our Oracle Customers.


    Q: How often to you visit the My Oracle Support Community?

    A: I visit MOSC every day as much as possible.


    Q: What subspace(s) do you most frequently visit in the My Oracle Support Community?

    A: Within Oracle Engagement Cloud (MOSC), I review the following categories: Contracts, Opportunity Management, File Import/Export, Extensibility, Partner Relationship Management, and more.


    Q: Do you have any advice for community members who are seeking support? Any helpful tips on asking a good question?

    A: I would suggest providing complete details as much as possible with good supporting evidence so the people who respond to questions have a complete understanding of the situation. Everyone’s situation may be different, but if they can search and simplify the information in a generic way, they may be able to find good answers!


    Q: If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you want to visit, and why?

    A: I love to go to Europe - I heard it is beautiful and lots of lovely places to visit and enjoy J