FY20 ASEAN Partner Forum Presentations

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    FY20 ASEAN Partner Forum

    Ho Chi Minh City | 17-19 June 2019


    Keynote Presentation


    Chek Yang ANG, Head, Tech Channel ASIA




    FY20 - Teaming up to win in CX

    Presentation by: Mankin TRAN, CX Sales Lead/Director for ASEAN


    Why HCM Cloud, Why Now

    Presentation by: Bikram Mazumdar, Director, HCM Lead ASEAN


    Why Oracle ERP, Why Now

    Presentation by: Nikhil Parambath, Head of Applications - SAGE


    Industry 4.0: Opportunities with Partners in SCM

    Presentation by: Sunil Wahi, Senior Director, SCM Applications APAC




    Systems Breakout Track: Unleashing Digital Transformation - Opportunities with Partners

    Presentation by: Yew-Kean Wong, Senior Director, Systems Channels Head, APAC




    Driving Technology Business In The Digital Era

    Presentation by:

    Cherian Varghese, Regional MD & VP, ASEAN


    Nilantha Brito, Director – ADR (Asean)


    Get Real with Oracle Cloud with Partners: Move From Operations to Innovation

    Presentation by:

    Tidaporn Santimanawong, Senior Director, Cloud Platform Expert – Solution Engineering, ORACLE ASEAN & SAGE


    Tech Cloud Programs and Updates

    Presentation by:

    EK Goh – A&C APAC, Tech Cloud Office


    Milton Wan – Product Management, Cloud Platform


    Driving Tech Cloud Adoption and Customer Success

    Presentation by:

    Imane Jamal Eddine, Head of Tech Cloud Customer Success, ASEAN & SAGE