8 July 2019 JCP.Next Working Group Meeting Minutes

Version 3


    Monday, 8 July 2019, 8 AM PDT






    Review minor enhancements to maintain the latest iteration of the JCP process document (JCP 2.11), JSR 387, Streamline the JCP program.



    Heather VanCura, PMO

    Simon Ritter, Azul

    Martijn Verburg, LJC

    Paul Buck, Eclipse Foundation

    Mike DeNicola, Fujitsu

    Chandra Guntur, BNY Mellon






    We reviewed the minor modifications in the marked up process document that we had agreed to at the June Working Group meeting for JCP.Next, for submission to the JCP program office for a Maintenance Review to revise the process document. 

    Summarizing the process document changes:

    1) When we merged the ECs (2 ECs of 16 Members each), we discussed reducing the size of the EC at a later time. We discussed as part of the JSR 387 EG that we would wait until the planned 2019 JSR 387 Maintenance Review (MR). Given the number of Active JSRs, industry consolidation, etc. it makes sense to reduce the size of the EC leading up to the EC Elections this year.

    EC Members want to ensure a balanced representation of Java community members on the EC, which the current structure of different types of EC Seats supports (ratified, elected and associate seats), and also to ensure we continue to have representation from people working on independent implementations.

    Heather reviewed the current types of seats on the EC, which has 25 Members total:

    16 Ratified Seats ~64%

    6 Elected Seats ~24%

    2 Associate Seats ~12%

    The proposed revision is to keep similar percentages, but with 18 Members total:

    11 Ratified Seats ~61%

    4 Elected Seats ~ 22%

    2 Associate Seat (keep same number but now ~17%)

    We also added details for the transition to be gradual over the next two elections – reducing by 4 seats this year and the remaining 3 seats next year. Martijn raised the question if this was soon enough or if we need to reduce to a smaller number than 18 members. We agreed that we could revisit this next year, but the gradual reduction makes sense at this time. We discussed the lack of quorum at the May EC meeting, and also reviewed the numbers of Active JSRs from year end 2017 versus year end 2018, with numbers being much lower in 2018.

    2) Our intention is to allow multiple Public Reviews prior to Final Approval Ballot (see section 3.4.3). We clarify that multiple reviews without a ballot are possible, at request of Spec Lead.

    In addition, we discussed if the length of the existing JSR review periods should be shortened. We agreed to keep the JSR Review as it is, modify the Maintenance Review period to 14 days (from 14-30 days), and Heather will determine if we can modify the Community Review and Public Review length, since those are referenced in the JSPA.

    EC members agreed this was reasonable and no further meetings were necessary for the WG at this time. Heather will update the process document, and publish to the WG space. Mike and Chandra agreed to review the changes, and Heather will submit to the JCP PMO for a 14 day Maintenance Review.

    Next Steps:

    Heather to summarize meeting and send email to EC, and mark up the process document with the agreed language for submission to the PMO for a 14 day Maintenance Review.