Happy New Year 2020

Version 1

    Happy 2020 to you all, a new year and a new decade. Even though this blog is about technology and developers, my hope is that it brings goodness to humanity.

    I am excited about the coming year and looking forward to meeting you the developer and sharing with you the views and opinions of the visionaries and technology leaders. Here are some of the things I am exploring:

    1. Looking at Gartner's Technology predictions for 2020, a few things stand out. Distributed Cloud, Autonomous Things, and Practical Blockchain are all things that in some way shape or form we have been talking about for the last couple of years. Oracle has solutions in each of these spaces. The rockstar in them all is of course Autonomous Database, specifically, Autonomous Data Warehouse, and Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP). Whether it be cars or databases Autonomous looks like will be the new lingua franca of automation.
    2. I hope to be doing an interview with Bob Quillin, VP of Developer Relations about technology predictions which we can cover in the February Newsletter and blog.
    3. There are going to plenty of Oracle and third party events as well as User Group Tours throughout the year. I will be heading to Oracle OpenWorld Middle East: Dubai and look forward to meeting you there if you are attending. Come to the Groundbreakers Lounge and check out the cool demos including:


      1. IoT AR Manufacturing (see and pick up a personalized luggage tag)
      2. Escape Room (Come and have some fun trying to be a Superhero and pick up Thor's Mjölnir hammer if you can figure it out in 5  minutes)
      3. 3D Printer (Get a wonderful collectible created by the 3D Printer)
      4. Fast Charge (Need a boost for your phone, get a quick recharge)
      5. CodeCard (these are cool badges) with a display that you can program to show whatever you like.
    1. My Community Manager colleagues and I look forward to creating all types of content from blogs to podcasts and videos so stay tuned for some awesome content.
    2. There are many other things going on that I covered in the "It's a Wrap" post from last year, so stay tuned.


    Javed Mohammed